Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Unilateral President

We are not only seeing how desperate President Obama is to get reelected, but we are seeing how dangerous he has become. In an effort to win votes in the upcoming election the President has decided to make unilateral changes to education, welfare, immigration, and finance policy. Obama is transforming America into his vision where more Americans are dependent on government services (meaning more people will vote for him). What makes this dangerous is he is doing this without the consent of Congress – you know those checks and balances that were written into our Constitution. What has Obama done to appease his voting base – minorities, youths, and women – by taking unilateral action?

Immigration – He has stopped enforcement of federal immigration laws that would deport young Latinos living in the U.S. if they meet a few guidelines. What’s worse, the administration is closing nine border patrol stations.

Welfare – Obama has gutted the Welfare policies devised under Clinton which no longer include the requirement of work to receive welfare compensation. Obama is using taxpayer funds to advertise Food Stamp programs in Latino communities. In fact, under Obama, more people have been put on the social security disability payrolls than have gotten a job (3.2 million to 2.5 million). Welfare dollars have expanded 41% under Obama and over one half of Americans now rely on some form of welfare.

Education – Obama has pushed his “Race to the Top” program even though it has never been passed by Congress and has issued waivers to states so they can ignore provisions of Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” policy. Obama has moved unilaterally to lower student loan payments. To make matters worse, Obama is using Title IX to ensure equal representation of women and men in math, science, and engineering fields.

Finance – Obama has made it possible for people whose house values are under water to refinance their mortgages. He has also started programs such as BusinessUSA which advertises what federal services are available to businesses in need of help.

On paper some of this may sound good, but in the real world everything Obama is taking unilateral action on is expensive or simply unfair. Lowering student payments, offering federal services, and helping people refinance their mortgages are not free services, they cost taxpayer’s money. Amnesty, Title IX, and Welfare reform are biased, discriminatory, and unfair actions that are not only costly, but merely done to win votes in November. For instance, Title IX policy will lead to fewer U.S. citizens in technical jobs and an increase work visas so high tech jobs can be handed out to foreign citizens. Is it fair that some people work three jobs to support their families, but other oxygen thieves do nothing for their disability, housing, food, healthcare, or other welfare subsidies? Of course not!

How would have Obama’s American vision and use of unilateral power affected my life? I was poor, I was abused, I have a neurological disorder, and I have a learning disability. Despite this I earned an engineering degree and succeeded in the workplace. I have never accepted any form of welfare or government assistance even though I qualify for many such as social security disability or Pell Grants. But if Title IX was placing quotas on engineering programs – it is conceivable I would have never been given an opportunity to get an engineering degree. After all, my high school grades were not great and my SAT scores were abysmal – so I was border line to get accepted into any engineering program. So would it have been fair for me to lose my opportunity so a female candidate would get the opportunity? Under Obama and liberal fairness, the answer is yes - especially if the female candidate is a minority. What if the female candidate came from a wealthy family background and was afforded every luxury in life, would this be considered fair, unbiased, and not discrimination under Obama’s vision for America fairness? Yes, of course this is fair because Obama and liberals view this as progress. It would not matter that I worked full time in high school and 30 hours a week in college while holding down 20 credit hours. It would not matter I only got one meal a day in high school and college. It would not matter that I was beaten to pulp daily and never received medical treatment for skull, leg, and arm fractures. It would not matter how hard I worked to overcome my adverse childhood or my disorders, my opportunity would have went to another person solely because of their gender or ethnicity. Just because I am a white male, it does not necessarily mean I was given “a better hand” to play with. I do not tell this story because I want pity. As bad as things may seem, people need to realize there are others that are going through much worse. I consider myself lucky. I merely tell the story to make a point – Obama and liberal fairness is biased and discriminatory.


  1. Spot on post, Patrick!

    I have to say, it’s not an accident that Obama is a leftist and he engages in the behaviors you describe. The lack of respect for the law or the rules – so to speak – is completely in keeping with their mentality, which mirrors that of the average teenager. So what we have in the White House right now is a powerful man with the psyche of a teenager and you are absolutely correct – that is a dangerous combination. I only hope the country is finally beginning to understand.