Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (10/9/12)

ObamaCare – Here is an ecard from, "Dear Mom, Mitt Romney says he would repeal the Affordable Care Act. So here's a quick question: Can I borrow $18,000 to help pay for my birth control? Thanks!". In other news, Medicare will start fining hospitals that have too many patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge due to complications. The penalties are part of a broader push under President Barack Obama's health care law to improve quality while also trying to save taxpayers money. So a hospital may not elect to readmit an ill patient to avoid a fine – wonderful. We cannot regulate health!

Renewable Energy - Citing national security risks, President Barack Obama blocked a Chinese company from owning four wind farm projects in northern Oregon near a Navy base where the U.S. military flies unmanned drones and electronic-warfare planes on training missions.

California - California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation that will create the nation's first state-administered retirement savings program for private-sector workers, over the objection of critics who said it creates a new liability for taxpayers.

Defense Contractors – Obama is trying to prevent defense contractors from laying off employees until after the election.

Afghanistan – Afghan troops have been advised not to kill Westerners because of culture ignorance. Meanwhile, the number of US deaths passed two thousand – yet there is no media coverage.

Fast and Furious – Univision ran an investigative report which uncovered the hundreds of humans massacred because of the failed program.

Hugo Chavez – “Of course I’d vote for Obama, and him for me”.

MSNBC – They ran a doctored YouTube video mocking Romney. In other news, the network claims that since Elizabeth Warren grew up believing she was Native American then she is. I grew believing many things that were not true, ignorance is not an excuse.

Eurozone – Unemployment remains at a record 11.4% for September.

Dodd – Frank – Employers now must track all minerals (tantalum, tungsten, tin, gold, copper etc) it uses to make products because of the new financial reform legislation. This is a nightmare for high tech businesses.

Obama Campaign – They are using a 26 year old down-syndrome woman as the poster child against the Romney 47% statement. Of course no one remembers when Obama made his dumb statement about the Special Olympics. And what about Obama’s “Special Needs” tax revision in ObamaCare? In other news, Obama spokesperson Jen Psaki had this to say in the Washington Examiner “President Obama’s campaign spokeswoman said she’s concerned Obama will sound too “professorial” to resonate with the low-information voters tuning into the presidential campaign for the first time during this week’s debate.”

Pentagon – Military personnel cite Pentagon bureaucracy for requesting absentee ballots – it is expected to be a 50% drop from 2008.

Lawsuit – A six foot three 220 pound 27 year old gym teacher is suing the school district claiming a six year old beat him up.

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