Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Hope Everyone Who Votes For Obama Gets What They Deserve

I have never been one to wish ill will on others. In fact, I wanted Obama to succeed, but it became apparent early on his policies were sending us to failure. Maybe I am getting bitter in my old age, but I do not like what this country is becoming – a bunch of narcissistic people who expect the government to provide them with handouts or expect the government to bailout individual irresponsibility and reward unaccountability.

If I were to continue my blog I would have to change the name to The Theory of Failure – because that is what Obama and the Democrats are all about. Since Obama failed to layout any different plans for his second term in two presidential debates anyone who votes for him is voting for failure. With this said I hope Obama fails. I hope family medium incomes continue to fall. I hope the economy continues to be stagnant. I hope the unemployment rate stays high. I hope the workforce continues to decline. I hope the poverty rate continues to go up. I hope more people become dependent on entitlements. I hope the tax rate on the wealthy goes up. I hope the number of hours people work per week continues to decline. I hope the dozens of Obamacare taxes go into effect. I hope our global standing in the Middle East continues to decline and unrest continues to escalate. I hope Iran and North Korea make nuclear bombs. I hope the national deficit continues to increase at a record pace. I hope our energy and gas prices continue to increase. I hope the consumer price index continues to increase. I hope family standard of livings continues to decline. I hope Obama will be on more talk shows than press conferences. I hope we continue to lose in Afghanistan. I hope Obama never passes a budget. I hope the media continues to paint our president as a savior even as he fails the American people. I hope ObamaCare officially goes into effect and healthcare costs continue to spiral out of control. I hope the housing market remains stagnant. I hope Obama improves his golf score and breaks campaign fundraising records. I hope educational test scores continue to decrease. I hope Obama continues to expand the power of the executive branch by appointing more czars and unilateral executive orders.

If you vote for Obama then I hope you get what you deserve – Failure. I too am hoping for much more of the same with Obama in charge of our declining country.


  1. Ouch.

    I understand what you mean, Patrick. Obama supporters are not going to grasp what they’ve done until they suffer the consequences of it and feel some real pain. Pretty sad when we have to wish for terrible things on all of us in order to make them understand (and they probably STILL won’t get it).

    I never wished for Obama to succeed because I don’t share his definition of success and he does not share mine.

  2. CW, I just cannot see how anyone can give this man another 4 years based on the economy. I think liberals must feel the pain before they completely understand.

  3. What they deserve? Che Guevara knocking on their door inviting them out for a ride?

  4. Well, heaven help us! He got reelected. They got what they wished for.

    1. Yes they did Katie.

      I truly believe that things will have to get worse before they get better. People addicted to government handouts are no different than people addicted to alcohol. Things have to hit rock bottom before they will get better.