Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Constant Universe

The Universe may seem dynamic and constantly changing, however there are thousands of universal constants that make the creation of the universe possible. There are many familiar universal (mathematical) constants such as the speed of light, the gravitational force between planetary objects, and the mass of an electron. If, for example, we changed the constant for the mass of an electron and put that into string theory formulas, our universe would disappear and would not exist. Instead, a black hole would exist. In fact, the universe would disappear if any of these universal constant values changed ever so slightly. Hence, without these universal constants, we would not exist.

Earth is also in constant change and is very dynamic. For instance, evolution is a very dynamic process. However, what most people strive for is stability. If people had stability there would be much less stress. For instance, we would like to be guaranteed stable weather, income, and health. And our government is so arrogant that they think they can provide each American with stable weather, income, and health through taxation, regulations, rules, fines, mandates, and policies. However, what the government fails to realize they are merely adding another layer of bureaucratic forces on the American people that is making things more unstable. You want stable weather; the government thinks it can achieve that by using their power (force) to regulate and tax emissions. You want stable health and income; the government can achieve that by using their power (force) to tax wealthy citizens. Government intrusion merely makes these problems more complex and therefore, more dynamic – not stable. We would all like to see a stable financial sector, but government force and intrusion will not solve the problem, but only make it less stable. Why? The fewer the number of forces acting on a problem will result in a more stable outcome and solution. It is commonsense.

In string theory, which is often referred to as the “theory of everything” (because it solves all the mysteries of our universe), there are four main universal forces – gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. How can something as complex as the universe have so few forces? I do not know, but find it simply amazing. However, each person on earth is subject to many manmade forces (in addition to natural forces – such as weather, gravity etc.) that creates instability and dynamic conditions. People face forces created by work, government, family and so forth. This makes life very complicated and stressful.

Government is very dynamic; it is constantly changing and enacting laws, policies, rules, regulations, and mandates. This is true even though our Constitution is very static and has not changed much in 235 years. The government thinks they are creating stability, but instead are creating chaos. Government could create more stability by, for instance, implementing spending constants. For example, if the government learned what was the maximum tax rate that would generate the most tax revenue, or capped budget spending at certain levels of Gross National Product (GDP) this would create a level of stability for the economy. Instead, federal budgets and deficits are rising to unstable levels – our economy is teetering on disaster. The government is not the savior and cannot fix everything by spending other people’s hard earned income.

Essentially, government forces are destroying the economy and the lives of innocent and hardworking individuals at the expense of the growing number of irresponsible and unaccountable government dependent oxygen thieves in our country. The government is also putting the economy at risk and destroying the lives of many hardworking people to save our climate. Is that fair? No. In fact, the government is trying to alter evolution and the theory of the survival of the fittest. That is not possible nor is it realistic. The burden (force) placed on responsible people to risk their wellbeing to bailout irresponsible people is not right. Especially if irresponsible people are full of excuses and only find fault or blame others for their troubles.


  1. The simple answer, in my humble opinion, is for this country to go back to the Constitution. The REAL Constitution – not some made-up version by the liberals. The Constitution was designed to provide the very certainty and stability you’re talking about. Those who ignore it and try and unofficially change it do so because the uncertainty, the unfairness and the instability suit their own devious purposes.

  2. Yes, that would be a good solution if only Democrats and Liberals did not see it as an evolving document. Heck, even liberals interpret the document differently. But yes, the Constitution would be the obvious answer.

  3. Being an engineer one of the things I learned very early was what a datum was. I held to the truth that a datum was a stable point in many was the center of the universe (so to speak). As I got further int engineeringand got into some vary complexed designs I was one day introduced to multiple datums. What I suddenly had to learn is that there are often more then one datums when add to the complexity. It doesn't make any datum less important and it certainly doesn't mean you should change a datum; they are called datums for a reason. As our existance has become more complexed we too need to learn not to try to change our datums but rather to accept that there were always more than we previously understood. Liberals want to rewrite the datums, conservatives want to learn more.

    Funny how life teached you lessons.

  4. Interesting, yes, life teaches us many lessons.