Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Selfish Left

The ego maniac and narcissistic generation are taking over our nation. These Left leaning individuals are selfish. There is no better way to describe these lazy deadbeats. Maybe they are used to mommy and daddy giving them a gold star for every miniscule task they performed, but it is becoming a glaring issue. It is not only that they want free healthcare, free education, free welfare, and other free handouts – they are demanding it at Occupy protests. They are so brain washed they are willing to use force, violence, and even cheat to get what they selfishly think belongs to them.

Unfortunately, liberal policy, ideology, and rhetoric fuel this anger and lazy behavior that is becoming more and more prevalent. This is the norm, and we are beginning the see the effects of these dangerous beliefs in Europe. People who become accustomed to lush retirement benefits, socialized healthcare, and other handouts are outraged when these benefits are cut because the country can no longer afford them. So who is the blame for this? The people living off the wealth of others, you know those who elect not to work and to contribute nothing tangible to society (carbon emitting oxygen thieves)? No! What about the government and those special interests such as unions who agreed to and or passed unsustainable job and retirement benefit packages? No! So who is the blame? Financial institutions, Oil companies, and anyone wealthy – these responsible people are to blame. These are the people to blame because they are not paying enough in taxes and are not donating enough to charities. Is it really fair for someone who collects food, housing, healthcare, and other subsidies to expect others to pay 50%, 60%, or 70% of their wealth to support the lifestyles of others who refuse to work? No, but that is how the selfish think. They believe they are not only entitled to live off the wealth of others, it is their right! This is absolutely crazy! After all, if it was not for the hard work of the top 1% there would be no wealth to distribute for our present day handouts. If taxes were increased on millionaires to 80%, within a year the masses would be demanding to increase those taxes further. It is never enough for the selfish.

What are some of those selfish leftist policies? The support of unions or any group which expects mutually exclusive taxpayers to pay for their benefits. Any law or policy which forces the distribution of wealth to citizens that are abusing these benefits – ObamaCare, The Recovery Act, and extended unemployment benefits etc. How about abortion? Any abortion that is not to protect the wellbeing of the mother, or was not the result of a crime, is one of the most selfish acts a person can commit. Attempting to recall Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, was a selfish act especially since the recall was due solely because of policy disagreement.

It is never ceases to amaze me how weak and selfish people are becoming. Outside a select few people who pay their way and or who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms, the rest of us are becoming a burden on society. Over 50% of Americans are on some sort of welfare and in 15 years that number is expected to increase to over 68%. What’s worse, it is projected that over 70% of Americans living today will take more in handouts than what they will pay in the form of taxes (including Social Security and Medicare). What happened to pride and the willingness to succeed? What is so difficult about being able to take care of oneself? It is a sad state of affairs that we have no shame in accepting handouts. And instead of thanking the people who pay for our miserable and pitiful existence, we demonize them and expect them to pay more.

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  1. Great post, Patrick. I can relate to the righteous anger.