Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent the destructive and chaotic forces which include war, pestilence, famine, and death. According to the bible these forces are unleashed by Satan, but history has shown that this kind of evil can be unleashed by individuals and nations. War can alter perceptions and make people see enemies where none exist, pestilence can create and transport human diseases, famine can affect human urges and addictions, and death is the ultimate outcome when war, famine, and pestilence are combined.

The war according the Occupy Wall Street movement is against the wealthy and Wall Street. They call it class warfare, a battle between the rich and poor. This has been the rallying call of both the liberal and media propaganda machines for decades. They have brainwashed the naïve masses into believing there is a war where none exists. The progressive message has been heard and the masses have mobilized and set up battlefields across the country to fight for their Holy Grail: the illusion they can freeload off the wealth of others. In fact, the war is not over class warfare, but it is a battle over responsibility versus irresponsibility; over accountability versus unaccountability; over productive versus unproductive; and over greed versus charity. In reality, the battle pits local businesses, police, and citizens against the Occupy Wall Street movement. In fact, each of the Occupy Movement venues across the country is beginning to resemble a war zone. Yet, most of the Occupiers claim they are peaceful and they are against any form of war. They are truly hypocrites.

It has taken only four to six weeks for pestilence and disease outbreaks to show its ugly face in most Occupied venues. This is exactly what happens when people live in close proximity and they live like animals. Trash has piled up, mold has formed on wet cardboard signs and shanties, public urination has soiled the grounds, portable toilets are overflowing with feces, wastewater from portable showers has soiled the grounds, and poor food storage and handling has tainted the food supply and have turned these grounds into a petri dish of disease bacteria. The grass and trees in many park venues have started to die. This has led to a tuberculosis outbreak in Atlanta. Poor food storage and handling led to a rat infestation in Oakland. Hypothermia has developed in Denver. Respiratory illnesses are rampant in New York – called Zuccotti lung. Organizers of the movement were obviously oblivious to sanitation and weather effects of prolonged protests (i.e. they started the movement just before the winter months which is obviously not the best time to start a war).

Famine, in terms of a food shortage has yet to stricken those of the Occupy Wall Street movement because organizers are well funded. In fact, many homeless have joined the ranks of the movement solely to get free food, which has caused internal conflicts and a splintering among the rank and file of the movement. Apparently, as irony would have it, Occupy protestors have taken issue with food freeloaders. But illness will continue to stricken the protestors as increased unsanitary conditions continue to taint both the water and food supply. This may be the most common and effective way to transport illness and disease such as gastritis or botulism. In fact, many of the occupiers will spread diseases through the sharing of addictive vices or substances, such as sex, cigarettes, marijuana, hypodermic needles, and alcoholic beverages.

Death and violent crimes have started to takes its toll. First, over a dozen rapes and assaults have taken place at various locations across the country. Local businesses have been robbed, defaced, and destroyed with Molotov cocktails. Now, death is becoming a commonplace for Occupiers with three just this past week alone in Burlington Vermont, Salt Lake City Utah, and Oakland California where the violence has been the worst. Many city Mayors (Portland, Burbank, Oakland, and Salt Lake City) have seen enough and are ordering protests to end.

Yes, Lucifer is showing his ugly face with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. This is exactly what evil looks like.

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  1. And OWS claims "this is what democracy looks like." I don't think even Athenian democracy, as turbulent as it was, resembled anything like this. At least Athenians debated voted, and went home.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my page. I often read your posts at Townhall before they ostracized me. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts here.