Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama’s Lowlights (11/17/11)

Solyndra – The executives of the failed solar company made one last decision before going bankrupt – they awarded themselves with large bonuses. Meanwhile, the White House refuses to comply with a congressional subpoena to release Solyndra documents.

Jon Corzine - Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine resigned as CEO of collapsed financial firm MF Holdings, which is accused of unlawfully using customer deposits to cover firm losses.

Super Committee - With the "Super Committee" at a stalemate over proposed reforms, House Republicans are pushing a balanced budget amendment. Republicans would need 290 votes in order to amend the Constitution. Thirty-three Senators signed a letter urging the Super Committee to balance the budget through spending cuts, without any net tax increases.

Egypt - American taxpayer money is being used to train Islamic political parties in Egypt. A State Department spokesman said the money is helping political parties in Egypt conduct polling, provide constituent services, and prepare for election season.  

Herman Cain – I certainly do not condone Cain’s behavior (if he is guilty), but why is this story bigger than Bill Clinton’s, John Edward’s, or Elliot Spitzer’s womanizing (who were all guilty)?

Second Amendment – MSNBC host Craig Melvin and Huffington Post writer Alex Wagner want to change or get rid of the second amendment.

Immigration – Bill Clinton has endorsed Rick Perry’s immigration plan which provides illegal immigrants the right to in state tuition for a college education.

Occupy America – ABC analyst Rick Klein suggests that Obama’s only hope for 2012 is to harness the anger of the Occupy Wall Street movement in his campaign.

Whistleblower Protection – Head of the House Oversight committee, Darrell Issa, introduced legislation to protect workers who report government fraud, waste, and corruption. Issa said the legislation was needed in the wake of the failed Fast and Furious operation where the ATF fired whistleblowers.

Poverty – The Census Bureau increased its count of Americans living in poverty from 46 to 49 million (16%) since September.

Occupy Wall Street – Poll after Poll is showing that the bottom 99%, supposedly represented by the protestors, is against the OWS movement by an average of 10 points.

G20 – Nickolas Sarkozy and Obama were overheard talking about their dislike for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when they did not realize their microphones were still on.

Chicago – New Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, will raise 220 million dollars next year by not only increasing taxes, but also by increasing fines and fees on its residents.

Eric Holder – He testified before the House Oversight committee about operation Fast and Furious and he blamed the “GOP House” for a lack of information on the program. Now there’s a surprise, he is blaming Republicans for his shortcomings.

Oil drilling – The Obama administration is ever so slightly easing up on its drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Alaskan coast. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, is proposing lease sales of 15 specific areas. However, the imposed rules and regulations may be enough to shun any company from making these purchases.

Taxes – The Obama administration has proposed a 15 cent tax on Christmas trees.

Election Results – Good news for Obama, the Democrats had a pretty good day at the polls this past week (at least much better than last year). Most notably, they won a referendum that repealed the law which would limit union collective bargaining rights in Ohio. However, in Ohio, the voters also said the federal government has no right to impose mandates on its citizens to purchase healthcare insurance.

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