Thursday, November 3, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (11/3/11)

Occupy Wall Street – The movement claims to represent the 99% of the people who do not earn more than one million dollars annually. In actuality, the threshold income for the top 1% (CNN Money Report) of earners in the U.S. is 344 thousand dollars annually (down from 424 thousand in 2007). In fact, only 14% of Wall Street workers are part of the top 1% of all earners. Medical professionals make up 16% and executives from other industries make up 30% of the top 1% of earners. And let’s not forget those lawyers who make up 8% of the top 1% of all earners. Besides, people like Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore are on record claiming they are not part of the top 1% even though they earn more than 10 million dollars per year. And if that is not enough hypocrisy, the Occupy Wall Street finance committee claims to have 1 million dollars in funding in the bank. OWS now has the backing of heavily funded organizations such as unions and ACORN and they are pouring money into the movement. Yes, OWS is backed by the same greed that they claim to be against. Protests in Oakland CA, this past week, were particularly violent with dozens of arrests. Michelle Obama – Michelle is writing a book on how the White House garden inspires Americans. Sounds like a thriller! Obama Job Grade – In a recent interview Obama gave himself a job grade of “incomplete” because “the work we started is not complete yet”. If this is Obama’s way to ask for four more years – it is not very convincing. Obama also initiated his new campaign slogan “We Can’t Wait!”. Yes, I agree, “we can’t wait” for Obama to leave the Oval Office. Joe Biden – The Vice President’s office is seeking an investigation into Jason Mattera. Mattera was the journalist who had the nerve to question Biden’s fear mongering remarks about “rape” when Biden was campaigning on behalf of the Obama jobs plan. Obama – “We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things to build the Golden Gate Bridge”. He is right, this is exactly what a welfare and nanny state fosters – a lazy nation happy with mediocrity. Obama Memoirs – The State Department has spent 70,000 dollars of taxpayer money to fill our nations’ libraries with Obama’s memoirs. The White House also plans on using many copies of Obama’s memoirs, he purchased using tax payer dollars, as Christmas presents. DOJ – They have imprisoned a border agent for being too “rough” when handcuffing a 15 year old drug trafficker. OWS – The movement has announced that Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to America than Al-Qaida. Maybe Obama should put a bounty on Limbaugh’s head and forget about murdering the likes of Bin Laden and Al Alwaki. Handguns – According the latest Gallup Poll a record number of Americans are in favor (73%) of citizens, other than the police and authorized people, carrying handguns. Fast and Furious – Janet Napolitano testified in front of the House Oversight committee last week but still claimed that she, Holder, and Obama knew nothing about the program that is blamed for the death of boarder agents Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata. Elizabeth Warren - Former Obama administration consumer advocate turned Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren believes she laid much of the "intellectual foundation" for the Occupy Wall Street protests. “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” the Harvard Law School professor told Samuel P. Jacobs of The Daily Beast. “I support what they do.” Obama Approval Ratings - Rasmussen reports President Obama's "strongly approve" rating has dropped to its lowest ever mark. Their poll shows that 18 percent of the nation's voters strongly approve of his job as President. Forty percent strongly disapprove. Housing Prices - Housing prices have fallen again. Bloomberg news reports, "Sales of previously owned homes fell 3 percent in September from the prior month." Experts predict that home prices could continue to fall due to the high unemployment rate and limited opportunities for mortgage financing. My Book: Is America Dying? (, Barnes and Noble)

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