Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Commonsense Solution to CO2 (Part I)

The Democrats and Obama want to pass their “green” energy plan for America. It consists of many phases including spending billions to upgrade the national power grid infrastructure to be a “smart” power grid. Some “smart” grid updates are indeed needed to protect the power grid from natural and manmade disasters. However, the “smart” grid upgrade includes spending billions to expand our grid to accommodate renewable energy power stations. This is an expensive task because renewable energy power plants are generally located far away from the current power grid infrastructure. After all, wind corridors and deserts are not generally in highly populated areas. The other aspect of the progressive green energy plan includes taxing businesses for their carbon emissions (CO2). Let’s make no bones about the Democrats green energy plan agenda – its sole purpose is to combat climate change and not to make energy more abundant and affordable or even to make our power grid safer. The result of the liberal “green” energy plan for America: Energy costs will at least double (most likely triple or go even higher) for every individual and corporation in America. Renewable energies such as solar and wind are 3 to 5 times more expensive to manufacture one kilowatt-hour of energy than coal, nuclear, or fossil fuel based energies. And obviously, taxing corporate carbon emissions will raise the costs for businesses to manufacture products. This combination of changes in the liberal green energy plan will have a cataclysmic effect on the U.S. economy. It will force corporations to cut jobs or send them overseas. It will cut consumer spending by 3 percent and therefore, shrink the economy by the same amount. Yes, there will be new green jobs created, but if the U.S. plan mimics the Spain green energy plan then 2 jobs will leave the economy for every green job that is created. Finally, a green energy plan will also create a 5 trillion dollar financial bubble, which will eventually burst, like every financial bubble. The result will be another devastating recession. However, the left would do anything to strengthen the monetary value of individuals, groups, and corporations that support the green movement. For instance, this will make Al Gore and progressive leaning corporations such as General Electric billions in profits. Of course a good percentage of those profits will line the wallets of liberal politician. The liberal green energy plan displays not only a lack of simple commonsense, but it is vastly destructive at the same time. The fundamental flaw with misguided global warming alarmists answer to our CO2 problem is that there is not enough money on the planet to convert all current energy sources around the globe to a carbon free footprint. Besides, there is no such thing as a carbon free footprint as long as carbon emitting life forms exist on our planet. Therefore, the Democrats plan will never completely combat carbon emissions, but it will destroy our economy. In fact, the Democrats green energy plan fails to reduce the level of CO2 in our atmosphere; it only attempts to slow the growth of CO2. For example, today it is estimated the atmosphere is saturated with 390 parts per million of CO2. Under the Democrats plan, this number will still continue to grow, but hopefully at a slower rate. My Book: Is America Dying? (Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble)

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