Monday, November 7, 2011

Obama’s Lowlights (11/7/11)

California - In Sonoma County, California, Mexican nationals can now show their Mexican identification card to law enforcement officials in lieu of a California identification card. "Accepting Mexican consulate-issued cards will reduce the number of people booked into jail for lacking ID, and ergo, will reduce deportations from Santa Rosa County Jail," the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported.

TSA - Rep. John Mica (R-FL), who chairs the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, says a new report on the Transportation Security Administration will "absolutely knock your socks off". Citing high failure rates for body scanning equipment and botched pat downs, Mica argues that the "TSA’s role at airports could be undertaken in a more efficient and less costly manner by private companies".

The Economy – The economy added a meager 80,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate went down from 9.1% to 9%.

ObamaCare – Senate Democrats have made a motion to forbid the term “ObamaCare” to be used to describe Obama’s healthcare law on internal emails.

Homeless – Apparently many vagrants and homeless have been showing up to OWS protests just to receive a free meal. This freeloading is apparently catching the ire of many hard working protestors. Does anyone see the irony? The folks who want to freeload off the wealthy are not happy when people freeload off them.

Europe – They are in the process of setting up a 1.4 trillion dollar bailout fund to prevent the collapse of the euro.

Senate Democrats – The good news is they are urging the debt commission to find 3 trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade, but they also want them to increase tax revenues by 1 trillion over the next decade.

Alan Grayson – He’s back and is the gift that keeps on giving. He compared the “racist” and “homophobic” GOP to O.J. declaring them “as the real killers”.

Virginia Tea Party – They are seeking an 8000 dollar refund, from the city of Richmond, for being unfairly charged for rallies since Occupy Wall Street rallies have not been charged any fees and have been protesting in the same area for nearly 3 straight weeks.

Solar Energy Zones – The President is pushing for dozens of solar projects on public lands in six Western states. Can you imagine the outrage if Bush decided to open up oil drilling on public lands?

Kermit Gosnell – The Philadelphia abortion doctor pleaded guilty to the murder of seven babies and one mother when performing full term abortions in grotesque conditions.

Occupy Phoenix – The OWS movement in Phoenix has handed out pamphlets explaining justifiable cases where citizens can gun down police officers. Of course the OWS movement blamed the Tea Party for these pamphlets.

Fast and Furious – Eric Holder will testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the failed operation.

Marijuana – The city of Chicago is considering passing legislation to decriminalize the use of marijuana.

MSNBC – Commentator Karen Finney suggests that the only reason conservatives like Herman Cain is because he “knows his place”. What?

Bill Clinton – “No successful country in the world thinks government is the problem”. Interesting, since there are not many “successful” countries right now – most are loaded with debt and the prospect of default. So I guess Clinton means government is the problem when countries are unsuccessful.

Lobbyists – Kudos to the NY Times for breaking a story that uncovers how much money that Obama and Democrats not only received from Wall Street, but from lobbyists. Remember, Obama campaigned that he and the DNC not would accept ANY money from lobbyists.

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