Monday, July 2, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (7/2/12)

Democratic National Convention – More Democrats continue to distance themselves from Obama and will not attend their convention this summer. Congressman Mark Critz (PA), Kathy Hochul (NY), and Bill Owens (NY) are the latest of a growing list of Democrats not going to the DNC.

Radicalized Christians – With Representative King conducting hearings on the radicalization of Muslim Americans, Democrats want equal time to investigate the radicalization of American Christians.

Public Schools – A new Gallup poll shows that only 29% of Americans have confidence in the public school system – an all-time record low.

John Bryson - US Commerce Secretary John Bryson resigned last week, nearly two weeks after being involved in two car crashes in Southern California that he said were linked to a seizure.

Home Sales – The sale of new homes slipped 1.5% in May compared to the previous month.

Bill Maher – In reference to Allen West, he called the GOP the “Party of the Apes”.

Southern Union - The Supreme Court threw out an $18 million penalty this past week against the natural gas company convicted of violating an environmental law, the vote was 6-3.

FCC - The Supreme Court has thrown out fines and sanctions against broadcasters who violated the Federal Communications Commission policy regulating curse words and nudity on broadcast television.

Banks - Moody's Investors Service lowered the credit ratings of 15 the world's largest banks last week, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, saying their long-term prospects for profitability and growth are shrinking.

Obama Campaign – They spent more 15 million more dollars in May than what they brought in. Desperate for money, the Obama campaign is looking for help in England, France, and China where Obama is more popular than here in the U.S.

Farm Bill - The Farm Bill was sold as a bi-partisan, budget cutting piece of legislation. In reality, the bill fails to make any meaningful cuts to the food stamp program or farm subsidies. The bill is another in a long line of bi-partisan deals that will lock in big spending and pages of regulations. In this case the price tag is $969 billion, with 1,000 pages to empower DC bureaucrats.

Joe Williams – Politico suspended the reporter for a pornographic rant about Romney’s private parts on MSNBC.

North Las Vegas - After five years of declining property taxes, massive layoffs and questionable spending, leaders of the blue-collar, family-oriented city outside Las Vegas declared a state of emergency, invoking a rarely used state law crafted for unforeseen disasters.

Wisconsin - Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees - the state's second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers - fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011.

David Myers – Myers, a convicted felon, was found guilty of accounting fraud that covered up WorldCom’s eventual collapse was given nearly 7.5 million is loans from the Obama stimulus.

U.N. – They are putting together an “Arms Trade Treaty” for an upcoming July meeting with global leaders.


  1. Republicans should make Bill Maher the face of the Obama campaign.

  2. P.S.

    For some reason there's no more updates on my blog list when you post something new. Did you change something?

  3. Yeah Maher is a real treat for the GOP, just like Uncle Joe and DWS, the gifts that keep on giving.

    No, I have not changed anything, but you know how these blogger sites go. i think my blog roll in still updating.