Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Unlawful President

Liberals were outraged at the executive power grabs made by the Bush administration. Liberals are now silent as President Obama makes one executive power grab after another. What’s worse about the Obama power grab effort is that the administration is routinely bypassing the law, breaking the law, or electing not to enforce the law.

Obama and liberals were outraged over enhanced interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo Bay under Bush – calling this a violation of the civil liberties of detainees. Obama and his unlawful cronies at the DOJ do not need to use enhanced interrogation techniques because they do not detain unarmed suspected terrorists – they kill them. Obama is the first President to order the killing of a U.S. born citizen – Anwar Al-Awlaki. Obama has been the most ruthless and unlawful president by infringing on the most precious democratic civil liberties outlined in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution - a person’s right to due process – the right to a fair trial where they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Obama has also continued to use military tribunals (which Obama claimed was unconstitutional) for detainees. What’s more troubling, the media has all but stopped publishing stories about the U.S. army killing innocent civilians (another civil liberty violation accusation made by the left) – something that has become a daily occurrence by U.S. drone strikes around the globe.

Obama went to war against Libya without the consent of Congress.

Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress have failed to pass a budget his entire term.

The passing of the 862 billion dollar stimulus which was proved to be a waste of taxpayer dollars because it did nothing to end the recession and it failed to put people back to work. This is because the stimulus was not concerned about economy, but it was more concerned about pushing the Obama agenda. Hidden within the bill were monies appropriated for Obama’s green agenda and his education vision - “The Race to the Top”. The stimulus was used to bypass the current educational law “No Child Left Behind” to enforce Obama’s vision – not the national vision.

Obama, a Constitutional lawyer, passed healthcare legislation which contained a mandate forcing American citizens to buy insurance. The Supreme Court upheld the law by replacing the mandate with a tax on all Americans. The court would not uphold a mandate based on the commerce clause or the necessary clause.

Obama sued individual states whose immigration policies enforced federal laws. What’s worse, Obama used an executive order (unlawfully bypassing congress) to stop enforcing federal deportation laws on illegal aliens. In the Arizona case, the Supreme Court upheld a majority of the law.

Obama’s DOJ has enforced election intimidation laws that solely infringed on the rights of minorities. However, the DOJ dropped cases where Black Panthers intimidated white voters. In fact, the DOJ is suing the state of Florida because it is trying to purge its voter rolls of any individuals who may be deceased, illegal, or felons. To complicate matters, the DOJ is filing suit against any state requiring a photo ID to vote even though the President himself checks photo ID’s for people to addend his campaign events.

The DOJ and administration has failed to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because they do not like the law.

Obama’s EPA has passed hundreds of laws, regulations, and restrictions without the authority of Congress.

The DOJ and the White House are hiding behind executive privilege on the Fast and Furious program that allowed weapons to flow from the U.S. to Mexico. Unfortunately, the ATF lost track of most weapons and they were used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry. This is the same DOJ and White House that have routinely leaked classified material endangering the lives of American citizens to make the President look strong on national defense. Liberal papers have been printing stories weekly about cyber warfare, the Bin Laden raid, and drone strategy – all proprietary information leaked to the media.

Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) has forcibly stopped companies from relocating to more tax friendly and right to work states. In fact, the NRLB tried to provide unions the right to abolish the secret ballot making it easier for them to organize. This is a clear violation of all our election laws.

Obama's czar system is excessive use of executive power.

And finally, let’s not forget about how Obama routinely uses taxpayer money to pay for family vacations, photo ops, fundraiser trips, and extravagant parties.

In fact, every law passed by Obama is loaded with exceptions and special interest earmarks and carve outs to protect one group of people with power and money at the expense of (to discriminate against) the common individual or business. The Obama health care law gave better benefits to union members. Obama’s stimulus gave better fiscal and tax benefits to green companies and ignored other small businesses. The financial reform bill continued to protect banks too large to fail. The credit card reform bill has led to other charges and higher interest rates on users. Obama’s immigration policy provides amnesty to only youths, no other age group.

The bottom line is that everything this president does or attempts to do is a power grab that pushes the legal envelope threatening our freedoms and democracy outlined by the constitution.

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  1. Very good post, Patrick! Liberals/leftists are cheaters by nature. The law is merely a stumbling block to them.