Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (7/26/12)

Title IX – The Obama administration is going to use Title IX to make sure there is equal representation between women and men in math, science, and engineering fields.

Voter ID – The Obama administration is reluctantly abiding by a federal court ruling to allow Florida access to data to purge their voting rosters of illegal voters.

Obama Campaign - the Nevada Journal reports that several local governments are having trouble getting the campaign to pick up the tab for campaign stops-in 2008. Taxpayers have been on the hook for thousands of dollars in campaign expenses. Obama’s “Wedding Fundraiser” is also a flop – the campaign was trying to get people to donate to the campaign in lieu of a gift.

ObamaCare – The Federal Trade Commission says there have been numerous scams and fraud regarding ObamaCare implementation since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legislation.

Egypt - Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi.

Felons – The Obama camp has accused Romney of being a felon. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign has taken money from felons including Alberto and Carlos Cardona, Shervin Neman, John Corzine, and Courtney Dupree.

Obamaisms – This past week Obama told small businesses that “they did not build that, [the government] made it happen”. He also said if he was running against himself he would attack his economic record. In his campaign appearances he also made reference to the word “investment” which is code for more government spending. Obama also claimed on the stump that our health insurance premiums will go down under ObamaCare (I know mine has gone up – a bunch).

Economy – Retail sales unexpectedly fell 0.5% in June. Also, Ben Bernanke delivered a dismal report on the economy to Congress.

Voter Fraud - The Voter Participation Center (Liberal Group) works with a vendor that has access to multiple commercial databases that could include people who subscribe to magazines or junk mail using names of their pet, said Page Gardner, the group's president. She said the nonprofit tries its best to target only eligible and unregistered voters but that some other names inevitably get on the final list.

Tax War - Democrats in the U.S. Congress warned they are prepared to let all Bush-era tax cuts expire on December 31 if Republicans continue to insist on extending lower rates for top earners. Ernst and Young released a study funded by pro-business groups hostile to the Democrat's agenda. The firm's results showed that Obama's proposed tax hikes on the wealthy could cost the already sputtering economy more than 700,000 jobs.

Law of the Sea Treaty – Democrats are moving for the ratification of the 1982 UN resolution. The Law of the Sea Convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations in their use of the world's oceans, establishing guidelines for businesses, the environment, and the management of marine natural resources. Fortunately, Republicans are on board to defeat the measure and defend U.S. sovereignty.

Fast and Furious – An incident report about the Brian Terry killing indicates the suspected killers were caught, but released.

Disclosure Act - Senate conservatives blocked passage of the DISCLOSE Act, a campaign finance law that would have imposes onerous new limitations on free speech.

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