Monday, July 30, 2012

Rules to Live By

Live by the golden rule to treat others the way you expect to be treated.

Be compassionate by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Do not judge the experiences of others unless you have lived those experiences yourself.

Live well within your means and be fiscally responsible.

Do not accumulate credit card debt.

Do not follow the concept of “keeping up with Jones’s”.

Lead by example, anyone can be a follower.

Do not play the blame game; be accountable and responsible for your actions.

Do not complain about anything without being informed to offer ideas and solutions.

Do not be afraid to make changes or take risks.

Do not tolerate waste, inefficiency, and bureaucracy.

Eat right and exercise regularly.

Do not be a workaholic; spend quality time with your family.

Treat others with respect and dignity.

Do not be a quitter.

You should always be working to be a better person.

You should always be learning.

Be decisive and do not sit on the fence.

Never use electronic gadgets when you drive.

Set goals, achieve them, and most importantly attain them.

Do not be deceitful.

Do not be a pessimist or overly optimistic, be a realist.

Speak you mind in a direct and honest matter.

Do not be a back stabber.

Keep promises.

Help others in need, be charitable.

Do not be a hypocrite.

Listen to others.

Don’t be ignorant and biased, understand both sides of issues.

Don’t be a sore winner or loser.

Don’t take credit for something you did not do, but do own up to mistakes and errors.

Make a positive impact on society.

Remember it is seldom about me, myself, or I.

Do not be a know it all.

Learn from your mistakes.

Do not be afraid to fail.

Never be satisfied with past successes.

Do not live in the past, look to the future.

Do not be offended easily and demand political correctness.

Be open to constructive criticism.

Be ethical and do not brownnose.

Use not only intellect, but commonsense to solve problems.

Think outside of the box.

Don’t hide behind your gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Don’t be ordinary.

Eliminate barriers, don’t build them.

Mind your own business.

Invent something.

Do something that is rare and has not be done.



Don’t live off the success of others.

Write your life story.

Hold others accountable.

Be happy and remember money does not always equate to happiness.

Remember how individuals handle adversity will define their personality for the better or for the worse.

Be open minded and avoid being shallow.

Maintain a sense of humor.

Never start something you do not plan to finish.

Do not become a creature of habit, instead become unpredictable.

Do not become greedy or needy.

Keep your ego in check.

Be passionate about what you do.

Have a hobby.

What are some rules you live by?


  1. First rule for me ... "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart ..."

    Great list here, Patrick. Care to take a stab at boiling all this down into three or less sentences? (Sorry, former occupational reflex - haha)

  2. That is great rule to live by Mrs. AL.

    Ah yes, brevity.

    1. Brevity? Nah, just issuing an old challenge like we used to do with our clients. Kind of a sneaky thing for me to do. Then again, I am in a mood -- hehe

  3. Funny Mrs. AL - you are entitled to your moods.

    I guess I would say that the key rule to live by is that we should be constantly evolving into being a better person (pay it forward).

  4. That’s quite a list you’ve got there, Patrick! I agree with all of them but I’m afraid I fall short sometimes. I’ll to work on them a few at a time.

  5. Your #1 is at the top of my list, and #2 is close behind. A few others for me:

    Treat everyone with respect, unless they show they don't deserve it

    Do the right thing. Usually you know what it is.

    Make the best out of a bad situation.

    Always try your hardest and do your best.

    Enjoy life, it's the only one you've got.

    Don't worry, be happy.

    1. Those are good rules, Dave. Glad to see you join the comment section on my blog. I hope you are surviving TI?