Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (7/23/12)

Maryland - Policies put in place by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley are believed to have cost the state $1.7 billion in lost tax revenues from 2007 to 2010. After his tax increase on high earners, 31,000 Maryland residents from the wealthiest counties moved out of state.

Mexico Border – The White House plans to close nine border patrol stations.

ObamaCare – Five Democrats joined the Republican ranks in yet another House vote to repeal the unpopular legislation this past week (244-189).

Hugo Chavez – In an interview Obama claims the leftist Venezuelan President poses no threat to American national security.

NAACP – Romney addressed the NAACP and received a standing ovation at the end of his remarks and applause throughout, but the majority of people and the media have chosen to focus on one particular instance during the speech when Romney received boos for promising to repeal ObamaCare. Meanwhile, Joe Biden address to the NAACP was to a primarily empty room (Obama did not attend the conference).

DOJ – Reports have surfaced that the Department of Justice is censoring reporters and what they can write.

Taxes and Debt – Senate Democrats blocked a vote on Obama’s tax plan to extend the Bush era tax rates on middle class Americans but to raise taxes on wealthier Americans. Through June, the federal government accumulated a record 904 billion dollars of debt in 2012.

San Bernardino CA – San Bernardino is the third California city to file for bankruptcy, expect many more localities to follow this precedent.

Pensions - Moody’s anticipates average pension returns of 5.5 percent rather than the traditional 7 or 8 percent investment projection. The result of this estimate is a tripling of national pension debt (unfunded liabilities), from $766 billion to $2.2 trillion.

Obama’s Own Words – In a recent interview Obama had this to say "When I think about what we've done well and what we haven't done well," the president said, "the mistake of my first term - couple of years - was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that's important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times." Tell a story, really?

Obama Campaign – Obama is claiming that Romney was still at Bain Capital past 2001 (and even accused him of being a felon), but they are wrong. USA TODAY IN 2001: “Romney, 54, announced Monday that he won't return to Bain Capital, the company he co-founded in 1984. The firm specializes in acquiring struggling companies and righting them. It manages about $12 billion in assets. Romney, who held 100% of the voting stock, said he transferred it to the 26 managing directors who have run the firm day-to-day since he took over the then-troubled Salt Lake City Games on Feb. 11, 1999. He will continue to hold investments in the firm.” (AUGUST 21, 2001)

DNC – The list of attendees for the Democratic National Convention continues to dwindle as prominent unions such as the AFL-CIO will not be attending or sending very small congregations.

Welfare – The Obama administration is unilaterally moving to gut the Welfare program developed under Bill Clinton that will essentially remove the work requirement for people receiving welfare.

USDA – They are transmitting Spanish soap operas across radio airwaves to attract Hispanics to sign up for food stamps.

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