Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Identify a Political Ideology

Is it possible to identify a person’s political ideology without knowing them? Yes, it most certainly is possible by evaluating some subtle clues.

Homes that fly the American flag and people that wear an American flag pin are more than likely to be conservative. Conservatives are much more patriotic than liberals who want America to be a socialistic state and forever destroy capitalism. This method is about 75% accurate.

A person’s car is one clue. Liberals are more likely to be driving a small fuel efficient car, while conservatives are more likely to drive larger SUVs and pickup trucks. This method is about 65% accurate.

Bumper stickers, license plates, and car accessories are also clues. A bumper sticker can be the best clues because the show political candidates they voted for and groups’ they support such as the NRA, PETA, or environmental organizations. License plates from Massachusetts, New York, or California are big clues since registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 20 points in these states. Meanwhile; a gun rack in a pickup truck is a good clue the person is conservative.

A person’s job or hobby is also a good clue to someone’s political ideology. For instance, a person working for an organic farm is more than likely to be liberal while a person who likes to hunt and fish is more than likely going to be conservative. White collar workers tend to be conservative while blue collar workers (especially those tied to unions) are liberal. Meanwhile most educators are liberal.

A person’s race and English dialects can be a dead giveaway to one’s ideology. Most minorities (Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian Americans) are liberals (70%). A person talking with a New England or New York accent is more than likely going to be liberal whereas; a person with a deep southern accent is more than likely going to be conservative. Even gender is a slight clue since women (especially so called feminists) have liberal tendencies and men have conservative tendencies.

A person’s religious affiliation is also a clue. Jewish-Americans are two-thirds likely to be liberal whereas; avid evangelical Christians are nearly 80% likely to be conservative.

A person’s sexual orientation is also a strong indicator of political affiliation. Gays, homosexuals, lesbians, transgender, and transvestites are over 80% more likely to be a liberal than conservative.

A person’s place of residence is also an excellent clue to understand one’s political ideology. People living in cities are 70% likely to be liberals while people living in rural areas are 70% likely to be conservative.

Even more subtle clues such a person’s attire and grooming skills can yield clues that reveal political ideology. Well dressed and groomed individuals lean conservative (liberal elitists fit this mold as well) whereas; more earthy looking people are liberal.

Remember that generalizations are harmful, but there is nothing wrong with being observant.

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