Friday, May 4, 2012

The Liberal War Machine

Liberals claim they hate war and what it stands for, yet they are seemingly engaged in daily wars throughout the United States. What’s worse is these wars actually do not exist they only exist as a figment of their imagination - The war on poverty; the war on the middle class; the war on unions; the war on illegal aliens; the war on minorities; the war on Muslims; the war on gays; and the war on women. Everything is a war according to liberals. War is defined as follows: A conflict carried on by force of arms; as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air; a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations: The two nations were at war with each other; a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns: the War of 1812; active hostility or contention; conflict; contest: a war of words; aggressive business conflict, as through severe price cutting in the same industry or any other means of undermining competitors: a fare war among airlines; a trade war between nations.

Today, New York City is banning words such as birthday or celebration in the classroom, but the word war is okay to use. Look at the words used to describe war in the definition – force, hostility, contention, arms, military operations, and conflict to name a few. War, for the most part is a violent activity. From this we can see the stark difference between conservative and liberal ideologies. Tea Party conservatives protested and expressed outrage over government expansion – but they were not violent because the movement was never considered a war against the government. Occupy protests become violent because liberals actually think they are fighting a war against big corporations and poverty. Hence, the hypocrisy in the progressive philosophy is clearly evident: they hate the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars, but turn around and use force (war) when they are protesting for their causes. It is a sad day when birthday celebrations are banned from schools, but war activities used to cripple corporate operations are openly taught in our educational system.

If there is a war on illegal aliens then why do they still come to United States? If there is a war on Muslims then why do so many immigrate to Westernized nations? If there is a war on labor unions then why do so many people come to the United States for work? If there is war against the poor and middle class then why has anti-poverty entitlement spending gone up 500% over the past 50 years? If there is a war on women then why are more women employed today than men – up over 500% over the past 50 years. Do conservatives want to curtail entitlement spending? Yes, because these programs have failed to curtail poverty. Simply put, making people dependent on handouts teaches people to be unproductive and irresponsible.

Liberals hate the use of profiling to identify criminals, terrorists (war on Muslims), or to find illegal aliens (war on illegal aliens), but they have no problem with ethnic, religious, or gender profiling at our schools and corporations. Diversity or quota systems used to hire or admit individuals into institutions are examples of profiling. For instance, Title IX is a good example of gender profiling within school athletic programs.

Liberals claim they want equality between ethnic, religious, and gender groups, but the multiculturalism utopia they envision does the opposite. Multiculturalism is not color blind or gender blind, but in fact, distinguishes the differences between ethnic, religious, and gender groups.

Liberals say there is a war on women, but they have no issue with gender based abortions. Liberals say there is a war on women, but at the same time they support Muslim ethnic groups which enforce Sharia Law.

And let’s not forget, it was Republicans, not Democrats who freed slaves and passed women’s suffrage and the civil rights act.

If things such as healthcare, wages for women and minorities, marriage laws, profiling, criminal laws, or labor laws are so bad in the United States then please immigrate to one of those great countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, England, France, or Spain to name a few. Maybe then liberals can live in peace without having to fight all those wars in the United States.

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