Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (9/4/11)

Obama – On the campaign stump, in 2008, Obama proclaimed adding 4 trillion dollars to the federal debt was unpatriotic. Well, Obama has already surpassed that level in a mere 2.5 years.

Camden, New Jersey – The city plans to pay a select group of troubled students 100 dollars to go to school for the first month of the year.

China – New national security reports point out the alarming rate of which China is modernizing its Army, Navy, and Air Force with state of the art weaponry.

Economy – Weekly jobless claims have been on the rise again, above 400,000. Meanwhile, the second quarter GDP number was adjusted downward to 1% from an already anemic 1.3%. The economy added no new jobs in August. The unemployment rate remained at 9.1% despite revised lower payrolls in June and July.

NY Times – The newspaper has published a piece by Bill Keller who investigated the churches attended by Republican presidential hopefuls. Keller wrote zero articles critiquing Obama’s religious beliefs or the churches he attended during his life or even as president – Remember Reverend Jeremiah Wright – the conspiracy theorist and race antagonist that the Obama family listened to for 20 years? So why is religion all the sudden an issue now?

Politicians – A new survey has found that only 1 in 5 politicians have a background in business or economics. Over 55% of politicians majored in a government related field or humanities. It is no wonder why we are in debt and have had unemployment over 9% for over 2 straight years.

Michelle Obama – A lot has been said about our President spending too much time on vacation, but Michelle is the much worse than her husband. This year alone she has spent 42 additional days on vacation than the President. Normally no one would care, but she is using taxpayer money to fund her trips and lavish expenses. In fact, even when Michelle vacations with the President, she often does not travel with him (i.e. the recent Martha’s Vineyard excursion). In essence, this doubles the expense of the trip and that tab is added to our debt. This is not only unacceptable behavior, but it is irresponsible. Her behavior has led Judicial Watch to file a lawsuit against Michelle’s trip to South Africa. They are demanding to see a detailed expense report.

ESPN – ESPN Magazine did a story on Michael Vick hypothesizing “What if he where White”. They even had a picture of a “White” Michael Vick.
The FED - With an economy in limbo, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke proposed no new steps last week to boost the economy. Instead Bernanke signaled that Congress must do more to promote growth, or risk delaying the economy's return to full health. Immediately after his speech, stocks plunged 200 points.

MSNBC – Who was their expert commentator for hurricane preparedness? Former New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin. Yes, Nagin did such a great job protecting the citizens of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit the city – he must be an expert.

Illegal Immigration – Texas Governor, Rick Perry, billed the federal government 350 million dollars – the annual cost to imprison illegal immigrants in Texas. This seems very reasonable since the administration (DOJ) contends that states like Arizona have no right to enforce federal immigration laws. Therefore, this implies that the cost burden of enforcing and supporting illegal immigrants must fall on the federal government. Right?

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