Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (9/12/11)

VFW – The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is livid over the snub by the White House when Obama declined to speak at their annual convention.

Abortion – A Texas Judge ruled against the state law requiring that sonograms be done before an abortion surgery is performed.

Muslims – A Pew Research poll indicated that 7% of American-Muslims feel that suicide bombings are sometimes justified. This number is much higher than I expected – this equates to nearly 200 thousand people living in this country that condone suicide bombings. Meanwhile, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been offended by a 9/11 coloring book for children.

New Regulations – The White House is considering 7 new environmental regulations (by the EPA) that by its own estimates will cost the economy 1 billion dollars per year. Conservatives estimate the number to be much larger and want these regulations to be approved by Congress before they are enacted into law.

Allan West – The conservative congressman from Florida is contemplating quitting the Congressional Black Caucus (He is the only conservative on the caucus and is tired of hearing demeaning remarks about the Tea Party).

Kyle Wible – The 20 year old is the latest victim to be killed by an illegal alien drunk driver (Roberto Salamanca), who incidentally was deported twice before the accident.

Solyndra – Obama’s favorite solar company is filing for bankruptcy, but not before they squandered millions in taxpayer stimulus funding. This is a good example as to why government intervention into the private sector does not work. And what’s worse, the FBI is involved investigating the business.

Obama’s Jobs Speech – The self-proclaimed bipartisan Obama wanted to hold his jobs speech during the same time spot as the GOP debate. How’s that for gamesmanship? Obama was forced to reschedule after this obvious attempt at partisanship turned into a national storyline.

Hilda Solis – Obama’s Labor Secretary, when addressing the Christian Science Monitor, was bragging about her new fuel efficient American made car. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that her Chevy SUV was actually built in Canada.

Andre Carson – The Indiana Democratic Congressman suggested Tea Party followers would “love to see me hanging on a tree” (Carson is African-American). This is utterly disgusting; does this man have no shame? Apparently not since Carson issued no apology for these repulsive remarks.

Wisconsin – The Milwaukee Sentinel Journal and a reporter for Good Day Wisconsin have admitted the Scott Walker budget is working. The new law is not only saving school districts thousands of dollars, but the policy has also saved hundreds of teaching jobs.

Hollywood – Finally, an AP news report is calling out green Hollywood stars for being hypocritical. The report states that the making of any Hollywood movie can emit the same amount of CO2 as a town of 2500 people can emit in a year.

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