Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (9/22/11)

Civility – Union workers have been protesting outside GOP debates with some outrageous signs claiming conservatives and Tea Partiers hate workers and homosexuals.

David Axelrod – This is his stance on the Obama jobs plan: “Hell no, we will not compromise with Republicans on the jobs plan”. The White House has since clarified these remarks. Maybe someone should report Axelrod to

Andrew Sullivan – In his latest article he states the U.S. will go into a Civil War if Obama is defeated in 2012.

Fast and Furious – FBI leaders and Janet Napolitano sidestepped questions and were uncooperative when they addressed the Congressional Ethics Committee.

Economy – The number of people living in poverty grew to 15.1% (up from 14.3% last year). Nearly 90 million Americans did not work at all last year and the median U.S. income fell to 1997 levels.

9/11 Ceremonies – Northern Arizona University administrators thwarted a student sponsored 9/11 10 year anniversary ceremony.

Frivolous Lawsuits – A first year lawyer filed a 77 million dollar suit against the firm that fired him for burning bridges. Lawyers, what would we do without them?

Big Brother – The White House wants citizens to report any smear attacks against the President. The social media czar, Jesse Lee, is leading the charge and created the website This website will provide the White House a fast way to respond to any attacks – true or false.

Jobs Bill – Obama is desperate for support for his second stimulus he is directing African-American Journalists to “pump up” his plan. In one speech our narcissistic Commander-in-Chief proclaimed “If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill”.

Solyndra – Solyndra is the now defunct solar company that was the Obama poster child for up and coming green energy corporations. Solyndra burned 535 million dollars in stimulus and the FBI uncovered emails that detail how the White House political team supported Solyndra even though both Bush and Obama economic advisors were adamantly against funding the poorly run company. The Inspector General is also looking into the government loan, particularly the low interest rate Solyndra received (1 to 2%) even though their corporate rating was only B+. Solyndra executives plan on “pleading the 5th Amendment” when they are called to testify in front of Congress.

Pennsylvania – The state legislator is trying to pass a law changing how their electoral votes are counted, similar to Maine and Nebraska, where the winner does not earn all the electoral votes. In other words, a candidate can earn electoral votes for districts they won, even if they lost the state popular vote.

Campaigns – In August, the RNC raised 3 million more dollars than the DNC. Historically, the DNC usually raises much more money than the RNC. This can be another troubling trend for Democrats.

ObamaCare – Some damning internal emails have surfaced about the Class Act (a federally funded long-term care program) provision in ObamaCare. Richard Foster, head of the forecast team for Medicare, repeatedly explained to the White House that the program will go “belly up” and the proposal “does not look workable”. Still, the administration included the program in the legislation and when Class Act, the latest government Ponzi scheme, fails, the taxpayers will face the burden of yet another bankrupt entitlement.

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