Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin Case: No One Wins

I find it utterly disgusting and extremely disappointing that everyone in the nation has taken sides on the Martin-Zimmerman case. This is exactly what the media and administration hoped what would happen. And wouldn’t you know it the sides happen to be along political lines – Republican vs. Democrat; Right vs. Left; Conservative vs. Progressive; Pro-gun vs. Anti-gun; White vs. Black; Hispanic vs. Black. This is just what our country needs, another wedge to polarize and divide Americans. Our media loves to throw gas on a fire especially when it comes to issues such as race. The media turned this case into a spectacle about race even though that was never the issue at hand. In fact, Zimmerman is a man of color – Hispanic. To counter this fact some media geniuses referred to Zimmerman as a White-Hispanic (since he is also White – Liberals have in the past changed the definition of words to fuel their ideology arguments and now they want to create a new ethnicity to support their pro-Trayvon argument). Well, why don’t the media refer to Barack Obama as a White-African-American? Heck, Barack is more white than black since he was only raised by his white mother. But the media wanted an African-American president so that is how they will tell the story. But in reality what does it matter what color Obama, Martin, or Zimmerman are! Would Obama lead differently if he were White? No! Most accounts say the crime scene was so dark you could not see 2 feet in front of you – then who would have been able to identify the ethnicities of Martin or Zimmerman? No one, including Martin and Zimmerman! In fact, the prosecution never used race as a reason for the incident!

There is evidence to suggest that a small group inside the Department of Justice (DOJ) called the Community Relations Services (CRS) was deployed to Florida to protest against Zimmerman following the death of Trayvon. Yes, the DOJ was politically active to influence and pressure local police to file a murder charge against George Zimmerman. The DOJ said the CRS was there to mediate between opposing sides. First of all, it was not necessary to waste taxpayer dollars on what should have been a non-issue. Secondly, the DOJ has shown its true colors in past on cases such as the 2008 Black Panther election case or the targeting of conservative journalists. Thirdly, this DOJ has already been shown to have a propensity to lack transparency, lie, and cover up. Why would any administration get involved in such a case? The DOJ must have known their involvement would only result in division and polarization? Yes, the DOJ did know this and they did not care. After all, shifting media focus to such a high profile case would result in very favorable political implications for the Obama administration. First of all, this action creates passion within the liberal base during an election year. Secondly, it shifts media and citizen focus from other things such as administration scandals and the stagnant economy. In fact, IRS, EPA, and DOJ targeting scandals all took a back seat to the Martin-Zimmerman case. People forgot about the Benghazi attack and the Fast and Furious debacle. Also taking a backseat was the administrations inept reaction to the Egyptian coup.

What is even more disgusting is that George Mason University (GMU) is offering a 3 credit class on Trayvon Martin in sociology and anthropology. I cannot even come up with any words to describe how disturbing this is.

Sure, I have an opinion on this case, and that is no one wins when there is a tragedy of this magnitude. Trayvon is dead, and even though Zimmerman was acquitted his life will never be the same and I am sure he will face civil suits. It is up to the justice system to sort out the facts and make a decision – and we all have to live with that whether we like it or not. Instead of being happy we live in a democratic society based on laws, some of us feel it appropriate to protest the outcome if we do not like the decision.

If people want to protest (especially minorities), why don’t they protest the super high unemployment and underemployment rate for African-Americans? Why don’t they protest the high poverty rate and decaying inner cities? Why don’t they protest GMU’s offensive class on Trayvon? Why don’t they protest the high black on black crime rate in this country? Why don’t they protest the President’s NSA spying programs on all Americans?

Sure this country probably has it fair share of bigots and racists, but the true racists do not even know it. These are the people who create and display this race illusion on social medium. These are the people (DOJ, GMU, media) who incite race battles and fuel the minds of racists and bigots.


  1. Great post, Patrick.

    The divisiveness fueled by Obama and other liberals is bad for the country but when have they ever put the interests of the nation ahead of their own? Never, that's when.

  2. Thanks CW, I suppose I got pulled into this mess even though I said I was going to avoid it.