Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Climate Change 101 for Dummies (Part IV)

Obama’s climate change plan proposes “The Fiscal Year 2014 Budget continues the President’s commitment to keeping the United States at the forefront of clean energy research, development, and deployment by increasing funding for clean energy technology across all agencies by 30 percent, to approximately $7.9 billion.” Remember the stimulus which included nearly 100 billion dollars in so called “green” investment? This means less than 5% of government green spending goes into research and development. Therefore, this proves the administration is spending most of its green investment monies not on new technology, development, and research, but on companies who use existing and expensive technologies that cannot compete globally. Hence, dozens of companies folded including Solyndra. This administration is wasting taxpayer money on picking winners and losers in the green energy market and not on developing new and cost effective technologies. In fact, most of the stimulus money goes to companies who contribute to the Obama campaign – the vicious cycle of money.

Here are some other areas the administration will attack with its climate change power grab: “Hydro fluorocarbons (HFCs), which are primarily used for refrigeration and air conditioning, are potent greenhouse gases. In the United States, emissions of HFCs are expected to nearly triple by 2030, and double from current levels of 1.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions to 3 percent by 2020. Also, curbing emissions of methane is critical to our overall effort to address global climate change.” Methane can be found in landfills and is created through the breakdown of vegetation. My biggest pet peeve is the wasting of food and if people simply did not waste food methane levels would go down. Interesting, organic items waste much faster than non-organic items making them more likely to release methane. I am waiting for the day the EPA issues flatulence monitors for all citizens to wear. I would love to see those readings from Obama and Gore since they are full of a lot of hot air – carbon emitting oxygen thieves.


  1. It makes me mad that we have to spend to much time and energy arguing about wasteful spending on "green energy" boondoggles when I don't see where the Constitution gives Obama the right to spend our money on such things in the first place. How did we get to the place where this can happen?

    1. I wish I knew CW. It seems as if the EPA is a very powerful department which seems to give the executive branch tons of power.

  2. Then it's time to get rid of the EPA. I see no other way.