Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Dictator in Chief (Part II)

The Obama administration leaks national security information so long as it makes him look good in the media. Obama is a propaganda machine using liberal outlets such as the NY Times to influence the American public to look upon him favorably.

The biggest dictator move by Obama and Democrats was ObamaCare. To move the entire US healthcare system under federal law provides the executive branch much more power. In fact, the seedy and untrustworthy IRS will be enforcing the ObamaCare law. To make matters worse, Obama thinks he has line item veto power to enforce and enact this law. The administration has issued waivers (once again to companies and organizations who support the administration), and has changed dates when certain provisions of the law go into effect. If all of this is not bad enough, with the help of the Supreme Court, the legality of ObamaCare has now given the government the authority to force individuals and companies to purchase any product they see fit (and they can simply call it a tax). Those who think ObamaCare is unraveling are sadly mistaken. This law is here to stay and Obama can mold it anyway he sees fit or anyway that pleases him (in other words anyway which gives him more power).

Obama has also failed to recognize laws such as the one for providing foreign aid to countries whose government was overthrown by a coup or military intervention – Egypt. Obama also failed to recognize laws such as DOMA before the Supreme Court struck it down. Dictators feel they are above the law. Hence, only a dictator can pick and choose which laws they will or will not enforce.

Instead of helping states deal with issues, such as illegal immigration, the administration instead sees fit to file suit against their laws – to keep states power at a minimum.

Obama has given enemy combatants (terrorists) more constitutional rights than our military troops. Obama has sided with non-democratic states over democratic ones (for instance Palestine over Israel). These are dictatorial actions to change foreign policy.

The above actions by Obama have provided the federal government and our president with much more power at the expense of individuals. Of course Democrats feel Americans are too stupid to think for themselves and therefore feel they must interfere and make decisions for us. This may be true for most liberals, but it is not the case for most Americans – especially conservatives. And what makes all of the above decisions by Obama even tougher to swallow is he has routinely promoted individuals tied to scandals and other mischievous activity in a quid pro quo fashion (Susan Rice, IRS leaders). Hail our Dictator in Chief.


  1. You convinced me! I remember Obama saying, "I'm not a dictator," while apologizing to his leftwing constituancy for not being able to hand them their agenda on a platter. But as will all things Obama, actions speak louder than words.

    1. Where is that liberal outrage over this expansion of the executive branch? Remember they were up in arms over any power grabs by the Bush administration.

    2. Hypocrisy is always the great revealer of one's true motives. Never forget that. :)