Friday, July 19, 2013

Climate Change 101 for Dummies (Part III)

The US government is using climate change as a way to not only interfere in the lives of every American, but every global citizen. Obama’s climate change plan says the following: “That is why it is imperative for the United States to couple action at home with leadership internationally.” Climate change is a hoax and a means to fear monger Americans to comply with government interference, power, and bureaucracy.

So how does the President and liberals plan to “curb” and “cut” greenhouse emissions: “President Obama has set a goal to double renewable electricity generation once again by 2020. In 2012 the President set a goal to issue permits for 10 gig watts of renewables on public lands by the end of the year.” That is right, renewable energies are our saviors! First, let’s point out renewable energies and energy efficient appliances are not necessarily environmentally friendly. Solar and Wind farms take up huge land masses disturbing the earth’s plant and animal life. In fact, it would take a solar and wind farm the size of the state of Rhode Island to generate the same amount of energy a five reactor nuclear plant creates (and Obama’s climate change plan blames deforestation on wild fires and wants to increase forest sizes to curb CO2, but at the same time Obama and liberals want to open up more public and private lands for solar and wind farms – this makes little sense). Solar are wind farms are generally located far away from the power grid costing billions in new infrastructure. Also consider the fact the sun is present less than 40% of the time in desert climates and winds blow with verbosity only 35% of the time in windy areas. Wind farms are also notorious for freezing up in cold weather and killing thousands of birds each year. Hydropower is responsible for depleting our natural salmon and other fish sources. The real problem with renewable energies is that they rely on our weather and climate. And if we really believe the climate is changing and weather patterns are changing then why would we want to convert most of energy to these sources? After all, a windy corridor can turn calm and a desert can turn rainy and cloudy rendering our renewable energy sources useless. For example, a volcanic eruption can render a solar farm useless.

Electric cars are more than likely charged using dirty energy sources. Besides a Chevy Volt battery weighs 600 pounds. Do you know how much energy is used to mine 600 pounds of lithium, cobalt or other metals to manufacture this monstrosity? And do you know what is done with these toxic batteries once they are dead? It is enough energy to drive a gas guzzling SUV over 15,000 miles. Lighter cars designed to meet gas standards are less safe and lead to more traffic deaths. Washing and dishwashing machines which use less water fail to get items clean and therefore have to be cleaned multiple times. The Obama climate report states: “Energy efficiency is one of the clearest and most cost-effective opportunities to save families money, make our businesses more competitive, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Department of Energy established new minimum efficiency standards for dishwashers, refrigerators, and many other products.” This is simply not true. There are laws and regulations including home owner association rules that prevent people from placing solar panels on their roofs or wind turbines on their properties even in liberal areas such as Denver. Liberals want renewable energies so long as it does not affect their lifestyle and these eyesores do not block their views.


  1. You’re talking too much sense, Patrick!
    Where it concerns the liberal agenda, the proof is never in what they say but it’s always in what they do. As you point out they haven’t changed their lifestyles in spite of their claims of doom and gloom. And they ignore arguments like those you’ve made because they’re afraid the facts might not comport to the agenda they’ve already decided upon. The fact that they would be willing to put an economic bowling ball around the neck of the U.S. to protect the climate when they know that other large countries like China and India will still be contributing to “the problem” demonstrates either stupidity or an alternate agenda, or both.

  2. Thanks CW. My favorite analogy about liberalism hypocrisy in the face of climate change is where they live. Liberal populations in the U.S. are dominate along our coast lines. If they fear sea level on are the rise than why do liberals keep moving to coast.