Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama’s Twisted Presidency (Part II)

When Obama found out about IRS targeting of conservative groups he called it “outrageous” and the administration will hold those “accountable”. Obama fired the temporary head of the IRS who only had one more week on the job, but other than that the administration has done little to help find the truth. As IRS officials hide behind the “fifth amendment” and fail to forward documentation to Congress, Obama placed the IRS official who led the tax-exempt organizations unit when Tea Party groups were targeted in charge of the IRS office responsible for ObamaCare. The EPA has also been accused of targeting conservative groups and using fake email accounts to hide information, still the administration is not cooperating to get to the bottom of this scandal.

The administration has claimed ignorance into the DOJ’s targeting of media outlets to try to find a national security leak. However, the DOJ failed to target New York Times reporters who routinely leaked national security information which made the President look staunch on defense. Odd, yes, especially since this administration has failed to hold anyone accountable for this serious first amendment violation. One credible CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, who routinely reported about Benghazi and other Obama scandals, found out her computer had been compromised and hacked. Just another coincidence? Maybe, but this revelation came shortly after learning the Obama administration’s NSA was not only snooping on US citizen phone calls and emails, the programs have been vastly expanded under Obama. Yes, this is the same Obama who wanted to investigate Bush for civil liberty violations for his less evasive NSA eavesdropping program. The difference here is that Bush was transparent and up front with his program, Obama is always working in secrecy.

If there are roadblocks for Obama implementing his agenda, he moves unilaterally to enact it – Immigration, gun laws, Libya War, climate change and so forth. These are huge issues that should require bipartisan support. But face it; there is nothing bipartisan about Obama. He only wants to enact massive legislation influenced by liberal lobbyists riddled with earmarks and pork.

Obama has looked the other way as HHS head Kathleen Sibelius begs like a common street corner homeless person for funding to implement ObamaCare.

And finally, let’s not forget that our economy still has well over 7% unemployment, the labor force has shrunk to 1970 levels, and the underemployment rate is also at historic high levels.

So why is it that Obama’s John Banner defense “I see nothing, I know nothing” defense working in the public eye? Do people realize he is in over his head and does not know how to lead our country and just give him a pass? Do people realize that our government is just too big and vast for the President to be on top of everything? Or are we really that naïve to think that when good things happen Obama is in the know, but when anything bad happens Obama is oblivious towards the event? If this is the case, and the President is innocent than why has no one been held accountable for all these acts – in fact, culprits are being rewarded with job promotions? Is it really a coincidence that all these scandals only appeared after Obama won his second term? It seems Obama will do anything to circumvent the law to get what he wants – he is not interested in being President, but he is a thug willing to manipulate the system and grow his powers to get his way.

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  1. There is now a majority of Americans who are either complicit in Obama's destruction of the Constitution or who simply don't care. This will remain the case until things really fall apart and people begin personally feeling the pain. At that point they will probably be too stressed out to act rationally.