Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Dictator in Chief (Part I)

The classification of Obama being a socialist is not completely accurate; he’s a dictator who happens to be a socialist. Think about it! No President has expanded the power of the executive branch or federal government more than Obama. First, there were dozens of Czars appointed to powerful positions without any congressional oversight. Secondly, there was the stimulus package which poured nearly 100 billion dollars into green energy – unfortunately, Obama was using the money to pick winners and losers in this market. Those companies who garnered federal grants contributed to the Obama campaign creating a vicious cycle of money. This is a lot of power, yet Obama calls the Citizens United decision a travesty – talk about hypocrisy.

Obama moved unilaterally, without congressional consent, on many important and controversial issues. Obama went to war in Libya (and we see how that turned out – the weapons we provided to protesters to oust Qaddafi were used to attack Western sites in Northern Africa including our Libya embassy). Obama provided amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who met certain requirements. Obama is currently moving unilaterally with the EPA to enforce climate rules, regulations, laws, and mandates. Obama wants to unilaterally move on gun control laws (a violation of the second amendment and yes, this is the same President whose DOJ lost track of the same types of guns they want to ban in the Fast and Furious program which killed hundreds of people).

Obama railed Bush over the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, but Obama kills unarmed terrorists (including Americans) and civilians with his drone program which has expanded exponentially under his command. In fact, drones are being used in the US. This is a lot of power only a dictator would have.

Obama is a master at manipulating the system. He used the DOJ to influence pro Trayvon Martin protests. Yes, our federal government (not just the media) was turning this tragic event into a race war pitting Americans against Americans. This is exactly how dictator masterminds polarize and divide the masses. This is deception at its best. It takes American eyes off the things that matter such as the economy and the scandals that riddle this administration.

Obama talked about how the Bush era of NSA spying was unconstitutional – an infringement on the first amendment rights of Americans. But Obama has not only expanded these programs he has implemented dozens of more programs in a very non-transparent manner.

Obama’s campaign has used metadata analysis (with the help of Google) to identify voters. This has nothing to do with national security – Obama is spying on Americans to win elections. This is a first amendment violation. How is this any different from dictators manipulating the ballot boxes to win elections?

Obama’s EPA, IRS, and DOJ are targeting their enemies (conservatives) to win elections. Yes, Obama and company have an enemies list. The EPA is targeting conservative farmers, the IRS is targeting all conservative groups seeking tax exempt status, and the DOJ is targeting conservative journalists in a very Nixonian way.


  1. It’s hard to argue with the facts, but here’s the saddest fact of all: Some 45% or so of Americans still approve of Obama in spite of the damning evidence that he has been setting himself up as a dictator, which is precisely why he gets away with it. Thank god we have a two-term limit on presidents – for now.

  2. It sure would be crazy to think if Obama could be President for life. Thank you George Washington to set that Precedent and for Congress to see that FDR abused that precedent.