Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama: “Martin Could Have Been Me 35 Years Ago”

Obama is most narcissist man on earth. It was just a matter of time before Obama made the death of Trayvon Martin about him. Everything has to be about Obama. Obama is supposed transcend race, instead he and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, are race baiters. Race was never brought up as an issue in the Trayvon Martin trial, but Obama suggests the trial outcome would have been different if Martin was White (Let’s face it, if Trayvon were White his death would have been unnoticed – it would have received no media attention). Obama claims “Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” Meanwhile, this administration has blood on its hands because protests following the verdict have led to over a dozen deaths nationwide along with millions of dollar in damage.

Obama and Holder comments since the Martin verdict only reinforce what I have suggested in past posts about this trial – they made it political for a variety of reasons. First, they wanted to rouse their base for the 2012 election. Secondly, they successfully used the media to divert attention from several administration scandals (IRS, EPA, and DOJ targeting) to this trial by simply making it about race. Obama and Holder also introduced the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law into the debate – even though this had nothing to do with the trial. Besides, it is important to note that both Black and White’s fare equally as defendants under the Florida “Stand Your Ground” laws.

The FBI investigated George Zimmerman intensively after his arrest and found no evidence he was a racist or bigot of any kind. Yet the DOJ is considering a civil suit against Zimmerman even though there is no evidence to support a case. What happens if the DOJ loses this case – will more people needlessly die in more protests? Why don’t people affected by the Martin trial protests sue the media and this administration over the needless death of American citizens and the destruction of property? After all, the media and administration have falsely baited the American people into believing this trial was about race and the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law.

Oh, by the way, I feel so sorry for Obama and Holder – they were given advantages only because they were black (affirmative action). I grew up poorer than Obama and Holder and I am lucky to be alive today because I was abused – but I was given no special treatment to earn a college degree by government bodies because I was White. Is this fair? No, we need to treat everyone as equal and maybe this will finally end race spectacles such as the Trayvon Martin trial.


  1. You’re spot-on, Patrick!

    >>“Trayvon could have been me…”

    So what, Mr. Obama? The only thing that can be inferred from that sentence is that the punishment should fit the victim instead of the crime. No other logical conclusion can be drawn. To suggest such a thing is about as un-presidential as one can get, but that’s nothing new for Obama.

    You’re right, he’s a narcissist – the last person we should want to see in the White House. He will always do the wrong thing because, as you say, it’s always about what’s best for him, and what’s best for Obama is completely at odds with what’s best for the nation.

    1. I suppose Obama is admitting he could have been a high 17 year old fighting a Hispanic adult 35 years ago.