Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama’s Twisted Presidency (Part I)

Each day that goes by, the Obama Presidency becomes a little more unbelievable. It’s almost as if Obama’s job of running the nation gets in his way of seemingly more important things such as campaigning, partying, playing golf and hoops. This past week was another stark example of Obama’s lack of leadership. When asked about traitor Edward Snowden, who has revealed US national security information to China and Russia, Obama had this to say: I am not "wheeling and dealing" to get Snowden extradited back to the United States. "I'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker," Obama said of Snowden at a press conference in Senegal, Africa. Obama also said that he has not spoken to China President Xi Jinping or Russian President Vladimir Putin about Snowden's extradition. "I have not called President Xi personally or President Putin personally," Obama said. "And the reason is because, No. 1: I shouldn’t have to." So let me get this straight, Snowden was classified as a major national security risk by Democrats Diane Feinstein (Head of the National Intelligence Committee) and John Kerry (Secretary State), but Obama says he is just a hacker. If it is not Obama’s job to talk with foreign leaders to resolve a national security crisis than whose job is it?

If all this is not bad enough, Obama’s National Security Council hosted Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah for a West Wing chat, where the radical Islamist asked for more support for Hamas and Syrian "rebels," i.e. al-Qaida terrorists. Bin Bayyah works for Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who supports suicide bombings and issued a fatwa calling for attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Al-Qaradawi, who happens to be the spiritual leader of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, also once vowed to "conquer" America. The US is also in talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since the US was not able to defeat the Taliban before Obama’s timeline for withdrawal, Obama is also negotiating with this terrorist group. So it is okay to negotiate with terrorists, but it is not okay for the President to talk with the leaders of Russia and China because it is beneath his ego? We have seen this favoritism and willingness to cater to terrorists in the past. Major Nidal Hasan massacred 13 of our troops at Fort Hood and is being treated as a normal citizen and not a terrorist. Hasan has received a civilian trial in which he can face the people he injured and worse yet, given him a forum to spew his Islamic hatred towards America in a media sideshow. If the Fort Hood shooter would have been of any other ethnicity or creed, they would have been subject to a military tribunal. If all of this is not bad enough, the Obama administration lied and covered up a terrorist attack against the US embassy in Benghazi that took the lives of four Americans. In fact, Obama was too busy attending a Las Vegas fund raiser to do his job as Commander in Chief to try to save these people’s lives and secure the crime scene. And if all that is not bad enough, Obama promoted the administration’s story teller about the Benghazi events to head of national security at the White House.

None of this should come as a surprise since the President routinely claims ignorance when it comes to any of his scandals. Obama and DOJ head Eric Holder knew nothing about the failed Fast and Furious gun walking program that was responsible for hundreds of murders including a border agent. If they knew nothing about these events then why are they hiding behind executive privilege? Recently, a government report said hundreds of US park ranger guns are unaccounted for across the country. Yet, Obama wants to take gun rights away from responsible citizens when the government cannot even track its own weaponry arsenal. In fact, the DOJ has only prosecuted less than 1% of all persons trying to obtain guns illegally because they failed background checks.


  1. Good post, Patrick. I know someone (maybe it was you) pointed out that while Obama can't be bothered to call Russia or China over Snowden, he did find the time to call that basketball player who came out of the closet. I guess we all have our priorities.

    For Obama, it's always about Obama. He sees no value TO HIMSELF by taking a more active role in getting Snowden. I can't think of a single instance where he's put the long-term health and security for this nation above his own interests.

    Btw - I have a new post up (I know you can hardly wait!).

    1. CW, thanks - I agree Obama is an egomaniac and only cares about himself.