Monday, September 17, 2012

Term Limits?

I am all for term limits for Congress, as well as for judges, especially Supreme Court justices. I would like to see Senators limited to two – six year terms (12 years total). I would like to see members of the House of Representatives limited to four – three year terms (12 years total) - I would like to see the House term go from 2 to 3 years because it seems they spend half of their 2 year term campaigning for reelection. I would like Supreme Court justices limited to one 12 year term at the longest. I also think it is debatable as to whether we should allow the people or have the President continue to select Supreme Court Justices (not sure where I stand on this one). I think the pros of having term limits outweigh the cons and term limits should be enacted in the Constitution as an amendment.

The one down side of term limits is there is a strong possibility that the newly elected official could be worse than the individual they replaced. This is especially true as generation Y moves into leadership roles. I do not view this generation of over-parented narcissistic children to be good potential leaders of our great nation (I experienced some of this in the corporate world). However, new people in the system should help reduce corruption, waste, and fraud as well as destroy the good old boy network. Term limits will force politicians to connect with their constituents. Term limits will force political and judicial leaders to make decisions and not sit on the fence (many politicians routinely avoid controversial subjects that may cost them votes). Term limits will also force politicians to do what is best for the country and not themselves during their last term. Elected officials may finally be willing to make tough decisions including committing political suicide for the good of the nation. After all, it does not matter what they decide in their last term since they are not eligible for reelection.

Some other cons I have heard is that term limits disenfranchise the will of the people, which is definitely a concern. On the other hand, I have even heard others suggest that state legislators should appoint Senators instead of the people. Remember, the 17th amendment in 1913 changed Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution from having state legislators appoint Senators to having the people of each state elect Senators. Many conservatives would like to repeal the 17th amendment. Wouldn’t this do more to disenfranchise voters than term limits? What is your opinion? Term limits has always been a hotly contested subject.

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  1. Basically the argument is that senators who are elected by state lawmakers would be more likely to act in the best interest of their STATE as opposed to the interests of the mob which leads to expanded powers of the federal gov’t (as we’ve seen ever since the enactment of the 17th amendment).

    I agree with your thoughts on term limits, Patrick, although I wouldn’t put Supreme Court justices to a vote of the public. I am rarely impressed with the work or the voting habits of lawmakers who’ve been in office forever.

    1. term Limits is a tough topic, I change my mind continually and if Obama gets reelected then I may totally lose faith in the voting block..

  2. Totally! The only thing that's more corrupt then an entrenched politician is a browser used by a 15 year old boy to explore porn sites.
    We need it more now then ever, well maybe AFTER we limit the current White House occupant to one term.

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