Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Over 100 Reasons to Vote for Romney / Ryan

  1. Both Romney and Ryan are not lawyers, but have backgrounds in business and economics.
  2. Romney has enjoyed financial success in all his endeavors whereas; Obama has failed miserably in his only financial position – President.
  3. Obama has failed to pass a budget in his term.
  4. The average annual debt under Obama has surpassed 1.3 trillion dollars.
  5. The U.S. national debt has passed 100% GDP, which places the U.S. in danger of financial collapse.
  6. ObamaCare – Higher taxes, less choices, higher premiums, cuts Medicare, and doctor shortages.
  7. Israel – Obama has snubbed the only democracy in the Mideast – No Israeli’s want to kill Americans.
  8. Mideast – The relations with the region have hit an all-time low under Obama
  9. Libya – Obama made the move to unilaterally go to war with Libya and armed the movement that raided our Embassy and killed our ambassador.
  10. Egypt – Obama says “I don't think that we would consider [Egypt] an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy.”
  11. Muslim Brotherhood – Obama’s support for the revolution movement in Egypt helped bring the radical terrorist group to power.
  12. Czars – Over 40 appointees which is an expansion of executive powers with no congressional oversight.
  13. Golf and Campaigning – Obama has spent more time golfing and campaigning while he neglects to meet staffers about the economy or national security.
  14. Blame Game – No President in modern history has blamed a predecessor for his problems more than Obama. This is not “Forward”.
  15. Taking Credit – Obama takes credit for the Auto Bailout, Financial Bailout, and Iraq – All events started under his predecessor.
  16. Education – Obama’s policy, Race to the Top, has never passed in Congress, but was another unilateral movement by the President.
  17. EPA – They are placing job killing and cost prohibitive rules, mandates, and regulations on U.S. business.
  18. Immigration – Obama moved unilaterally to give amnesty to one demographic of illegal alien.
  19. The Recovery Act – The 862 billion dollar stimulus failed to create jobs and much was squandered on Obama’s green initiative.
  20. Unemployment – Has remained above 8% every month of his term even as the labor force has declined.
  21. Poverty Rate – Over 15% of Americans live in poverty.
  22. Entitlements – Use of food stamps and other entitlements have exploded under this President.
  23. Social Security Disability – Over 3.2 million people have been added to this payroll under this President.
  24. Afghanistan – His surge plan failed and more than 2,000 brave soldiers lost their lives in a losing effort.
  25. Iran – The rogue country has made significant progress in enriching uranium under Obama’s watch.
  26. Civil Liberties – Obama is against enhanced interrogation techniques, but he has no problem killing an unarmed terrorist.
  27. Military – He has given enemy combatants more rights than our own military personnel.
  28. Apologies – He has apologized endlessly to Mideast countries for past American action. Remembered thousands of Americans have lost their lives in Afghanistan, the Balkans, and Iran fighting for democracy for Muslims.
  29. Lobbying – Not only did Obama break his promise not to hire lobbyists, lobbying dollars have increased under Obama as everyone tried to get an earmark, carve out, and a piece of the ObamaCare and Recovery Act money.
  30. Gas prices have more than doubled under Obama’s rule.
  31. Energy Policy – Obama’s war against the oil industry is only leading to higher energy costs for all Americans.
  32. Solyndra – The failed solar company squandered over 500 million in taxpayer loans. This is one of several energy ventures that have failed.
  33. Fast and Furious – The failed program allowed guns to walk to Mexican Cartels that were used to kill hundreds of people including border agent Brian Terry.
  34. Executive Privilege – The DOJ and White House are hiding behind executive privilege over the Fast and Furious debacle.
  35. Fort Hood – The administration has failed to call this a terror attack.
  36. Black Panther Party – The DOJ refused to prosecute Black Panther members who tried to intimidate voters during the 2008 election.
  37. Auto Bailouts – The bailouts did not stop the companies from going through bankruptcy, which is what saved the companies in the long run.
  38. Taxes – Obama’s policy to raise taxes on the wealthy is not a good one during a recession.
  39. Photo Op – The White House terrorized the city of New York when they did not announce a photo op of Air Force One over the city.
  40. Beer Summit – The President made discriminatory and inflammatory comments against a Cambridge officer without knowing any facts.
  41. 9/11 – Attempts by the administration to place the conspirators of the 9/11 terror attacks in a public trial failed.
  42. Promises – Obama failed to close the Guantanamo detention facility – His first executive order as President.
  43. Median Incomes – The median income for American families has fallen over 8% under Obama’s watch.
  44. Winners and Losers – Obama policies are not applied equally and pick winners and losers. For instance, his green policy gives money to those that give to his campaign; ObamaCare gives Union members better benefits; and his immigration policy favors only young Latinos.
  45. NLRB – The NLRB attempted to sue Boeing for moving some of its facilities to a right a work state.
  46. Housing Market – The housing market continues to be stagnating and foreclosure rates remain high.
  47. Teacher unions – Obama has time and time again taken the side of teacher unions over children and education (Chicago strike, DC Voucher program, Wisconsin recall election).
  48. DOMA – The administration and DOJ has failed to implement the law regarding the Defense of Marriage Act.
  49. Voter Fraud – The DOJ has filed suit against many states trying to update its voter registration lists and requiring a photo ID to vote.
  50. Welfare – Obama moved unilaterally to remove the work requirement from welfare.
  51. ACORN – The DOJ has failed to investigate the now defunct organization for voter fraud and other illegal activities.
  52. Success – Obama is against any successful company “You did not build that” and of course his constant attacks against Bain Capital.
  53. Joe Biden – Need I say more, the gaffe machine is second in command.
  54. Nobel Peace Prize – Obama accepted an award that he did not earn.
  55. Olympics – While Mitt Romney led a successful and prosperous Olympic games in Utah, Obama failed to bring the 2020 games back to Chicago, and let’s not forget Obama’s comments about the Special Olympics on the tonight show.
  56. Arizona – Instead of aiding them with the enforcement of their borders, the DOJ filed suit against their immigration policy.
  57. Russia – Obama asks Russia's president Medvedev for some "space" and "flexibility" until after November's election.
  58. Financial Reform – The Dodd and Frank bill does nothing to reform government run financial giants such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and does nothing to stop “too big to fail”.
  59. Credit Card Reform – The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 has led to higher fines, fees, and rates to make up for all the new rules, regulations and mandates.
  60. State Children Healthcare Insurance Policy – Obama expanded this program before passing ObamaCare.
  61. Amtrak – Obama bailed out the failing train company that is costing the taxpayers millions each year.
  62. BP Oil Spill – Leading from behind, failing to take charge instead of being influenced by environmentalists.
  63. Tax Evaders – Obama hired cabinet members such as Tim Geithner and Kathleen Sibelius who owed back taxes.
  64. Van Jones – The Obama Green Jobs Czar had to resign for past statements and activism.
  65. Lavish Parties – As Americans suffer though a recession, the Obama’s have weekly parties with Hollywood elites.
  66. Transparency – The Obama administration has been less likely to release documents per the Freedom of Information Act than his predecessors.
  67. Snitching – The White House started a website flag@whitehouse.gov so people can snitch on their neighbors if they do not agree with Obama policies.
  68. Jobs Saved – The White House made up fictitious statistics not officially kept by the Census Bureau to try to justify the Recovery Act.
  69. Census – Moved the census out of the Department of Commerce into the White House – another expansion of the Executive Branch.
  70. North Korea – The president has done nothing to curb North Korea’s nuclear aspirations.
  71. Honduras – Obama sided with Castro and Chavez on the attempted coup d’ tat.
  72. Cap and Trade – Based on the expansion of power of the EPA, cap and trade can be implemented by executive branch without congress consent.
  73. Priorities – When tragedy hits Romney shuts down his business whereas Obama heads off to a campaign fund raiser or goes golfing.
  74. Exempt Policies – Romney / Ryan policies will be inclusive to include all members of Congress, unlike ObamaCare or Social Security.
  75. Political Correctness – Obama administration is removing words like terrorism in favor of words like manmade disaster.
  76. War on Coal – As Obama says “if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them”.
  77. Hypocrisy – While Obama railed against the Bush administration for the killing of innocent civilians, Obama’s drone policy is doing the same.
  78. Chicago – Obama’s ties to Chicago politics cannot be ignored – Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich, and Rahm Emanuel to name a few.
  79. Leaks – The Obama administration has leaked confidential information about the Bin Laden killing and cyber warfare to politicize that he strong on national defense.
  80. Civil Discourse – Obama pushes civil discourse in his political speeches (SOTU, Gifford’s shooting), but does not practice what he preaches – his campaign is a perfect example such as ads saying Romney killed a Bain Capital employee’s spouse.
  81. Unity – Obama is the most polarizing and divisive president of our time routinely pitting liberals v. conservatives, rich v. poor, whites v. minorities (New Haven Firefighter case).
  82. First Amendment – The Democrats Disclosure Act will force corporations to disclose campaign contributions but groups, organizations, and unions would be exempt.
  83. The Law – Obama has expressed his vision of the law includes “empathy” in his choice of Sonya Sotomayor for Supreme court Justice.
  84. Excuses – No administration makes more excuses for failed domestic or foreign policy such as Europe’s instability on our economy
  85. Protectionism – Obama has pushed protectionism policies against China which is endangering a 1.5 billion person market for some U.S. companies.
  86. Trade Agreements – The only trade agreements Obama has accomplished where proposed by Bush (but blocked by Democrats) – South Korea, Columbia, and Panama.
  87. Ahmed Ghailani – He was the first enemy combatant tried in a civilian court for the 1988 Embassy bombing in Kenya and Tanzania which killed 284 people. Ghailani was found guilty of conspiracy but acquitted for 284 charges of murder. This was supposed to be a slam dunk case.
  88. The Underwear Bomber – He was given Miranda rights by the DOJ.
  89. Second Amendment – Obama believes the second amendment’s purpose is solely to protect hunting.
  90. Anwar Al Awlaki – He is the first American to have a death bounty put on his head – where are his civil liberties. Besides, it is hard to obtain intelligence when all suspects are killed.
  91. Constitution – According to Obama the document is “deeply flawed”.
  92. Other People’s Money – Obama risks and spends money he did not earn, Romney knows the value of the dollar since he earns his wealth.
  93. Charity – Romney gives huge sums of money to charity (17%), Obama gives scant amounts to charity (1%), but wants others to pay more in taxes.
  94. Personality – Obama likes to brag about his achievements being “historic” and “unprecedented”, but Romney is more humble about his achievements.
  95. Taxes – If Obama wants to pay more in income tax than his 20% rate, he can choose to cut out his itemized deductions, but he fails to do this.
  96. Two Faced – Obama has this magical way of complimenting someone in one sentence and condemning them in the next.
  97. Student Loans – The government has taken over all student loans.
  98. Playing Favorites – While Obama has blamed the high cost of healthcare solely on insurance companies, meanwhile he made a sweat deal with Big Pharma.
  99. Teleprompter – Romney does not have to have someone script his every word.
  100. Talk Shows – Romney will spend more time doing his job and attending news conferences taking questions about issues instead of spending his time yucking it up with biased talk show hosts.
  101. Ideology – Romney was a governor in a highly democratic state showing he can compromise; meanwhile Obama is truly an ideologue personality.
  102. Nanny State – Romney will not pamper us and promote a Nanny State where the government makes all our choices.

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