Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (8/31/11)

Jobs – According to the Gallup Jobs Index, the states that are the best at producing jobs are conservative leaning (7 of the top 10) meanwhile, states that are the worst at producing jobs are liberal leaning (9 of 10).

Obamacare – The administration continues to hand out 3 year waivers to nullify certain provisions within the new healthcare law. The number of waivers is approaching 1,500.

Civil Discourse – NY Times guest columnist, Kurt Andersen, called Tea Partiers “a disease”. Maxine Waters said “Tea Partiers can go straight to hell”. This is from the Party that claims to promote civil discourse.

PETA – They will launch a pornographic web site that will not only have adult sexual content, but will also include graphic images of animal abuses and mistreatment.

Social Security – The disability program within social security is pushing the program towards insolvency. Applications for the disability program are up 50% over the past decade.

Romney – Reports indicate that 67 Wall Street donors, who supported Obama in 2008, are now backing Mitt Romney.

Biden – In a trip to China, Biden openly supported their one child system. Once again, the White House had to clarify Biden’s comments and urged the public that Obama strongly opposes the China policy.

Sheila Jackson-Lee – I did not fact check this, but would not be surprised if it is true. The Texas Congresswoman is unhappy that Hurricane names sound Caucasian and would also like for meteorologists to broadcast weather reports in a language that is understandable to street people. Jackson-Lee claims that this was the reason why many in New Orleans failed to leave the city before Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

Gallup – Obama broke his record low for his approval rating (38%). And with his disapproval numbers at 55%, this is also a new all-time high. Hence, we can conclude, Obama’s negative differential of 17% between his approval / disapproval numbers is also a record low for Obama. What is probably most troublesome for Obama is that Romney, Perry, Paul, and Bachmann all poll within the margin of error in head to head matchups with Obama.

Golf – President Bush gave up golf because he did not want to give that image to struggling Americans or to families that have children serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I doubt President Obama will ever come to that same realization.

Frederica Wilson – The Democratic Congresswoman believes the reason for high unemployment in black communities is due to racism. It seems we cannot go a week without some liberal using the race card or insinuating someone is a terrorist or Nazi. I guess this is the civil discourse the Left claims to follow.

CBO – They are estimating that the debt for 2011 will hit 1.5 trillion dollars. Hence, the U.S. debt is increasing at a rate of 3 million dollars every minute (an all-time high).

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