Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (8/27/11)

Obamaisms – Here are few great quotes from “the chosen one” when on his bus campaign tour: “The economy has gotten better than when I first took office”. “If everyone took the attitude of shared sacrifice than we could solve our debt and deficit problems next week”. Obama also said to a farmer “Your fears are unfounded about government regulation”.

Fast and Furious – Several more reports have surfaced confirming that the weapons used in the program not only killed people in Mexico, but in the United States.

Moody’s - In the wake of American's credit rating downgrade, Moody's now says its near-term outlook for the U.S. economy has fallen significantly. The Wall Street Journal reports: "The firm attributes most of the expected decline to a loss of business, investor and consumer confidence, noting the economy’s improving fundamentals such as the strengthening of business’s balance sheets and consumers’ strides in cutting household debt."

Obama Bus Tour – Obama continually preached on his 1.1 million dollar taxpayer funded bus tour to buy American products. Unfortunately, the Obama’s bus was made in Canada.

Economy – The cost of living index rose 0.5 percent in July and the consumer price index also rose 0.2 percent according to the Labor Department. Also, the housing market continued to slide in July.

New York – Good News: A New York judge dismissed a class action suit that alleged consumers have reached a level of stupidity they cannot understand how to buy tickets for a New York Yankees game online.

S&P – Shortly after S&P downgraded U.S. treasury bonds, the DOJ began an investigation into the company. Rumors surfaced that the investigation is about their role in the financial collapse because they had AAA ratings on mortgage backed securities that failed.

Amnesty – The White House, without congressional approval, has unveiled its new immigration policy – Only illegal immigrants with criminal records will be deported, the rest will be given amnesty.

Aliens – A team of researchers have come up with a scenario that aliens could attack earth to stop global warming because they see it as a threat to their ecosystem. I do not know about you, but I am glad taxpayer money is being used on commonsense and logical approaches to practical problems and issues.

Homosexuals - MSNBC reports that “three bisexual men have filed a federal lawsuit against a national gay-sports organization, claiming they were unfairly deemed not gay enough to play for a gay softball team during the Gay Softball World Series."

Diversity - President Obama issued an executive order last week creating a new bureaucracy that will create new rules “promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce,” whatever that means.

Taxes - Warren Buffet thinks the $6.9 million he paid in 2010 wasn't enough and wants to be taxed more. National Review points out he's not alone. George Soros, Stephen King, and Matt Damon want to know why the "super rich" aren't paying 50 percent in taxes? Remember, there is nothing stopping these people from paying more in taxes – they do not have to claim all their deductions and capital loses, but they conveniently fail to do this.

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