Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (8/23/11)

Exxon – The average tax per gallon of gas is 50 cents nationwide. Exxon’s average profit per gallon of gas is less than 5 cents. So, who exactly is evil: big oil or big government?

Post Office – They are drawing strong criticism from labor unions because the US Postal Service has proposed cutting 120,000 jobs, in addition to pulling out of the government run health care plan. The Washington Post reports, "During the past four years, the service lost $20 billion, including $8.5 billion in fiscal 2010."

London Riots – The identity of several looters has astonished many since they are not all welfare recipients, but well to do people holding great jobs – a ballerina, an organic chef, teachers, and even a member of the Olympic committee.

Italy – Their government has made bold fiscal changes including entitlement reform in an effort to cut 65 billion in spending.

San Francisco –The city is coming under attack for shutting down cell service to prevent a protest from organizing over a fallen transit police officer.

Polls – Obama’s approval ratings continue to hit lows just 4 months after a surge for killing Osama bin Laden. Also, 93% of all Americans feel that grocery prices are higher this year.

Iraq – As the United States scales down its forces in Iraq, violence continues to escalate.

Pakistan – They allowed China to look at the downed U.S. military helicopter from the bin Laden raid.

Virginia – Gun crimes in establishments that serve alcohol declined 5.2% in the first year since allowing its citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Germany – Their economy has done well through the recession, but their second quarter GDP numbers were anemic.

Fast and Furious – The ATF agents that botched the gun operation have been promoted by the agency.

Joe Wilson – The South Carolina representative was vindicated (He yelled “You Lie” when Obama said ObamaCare did not provide health insurance to illegal immigrants during a speech) when reports surfaced that the Health and Human Service Department have awarded millions in healthcare benefits to migrant workers citing new ObamaCare provisions.

MSNBC – Chris Matthews first mocked Rick Perry’s faith and then asked a guest to describe how ugly he is. Meanwhile, Ed Schultz has painted Perry as a racist.

Wind Energy – Finally, a report about how wind turbines kill birds (I have been telling the Left about this for years). It is reported that one California wind farm killed 4700 birds annually including endangered species such as 1300 raptors, 70 gold eagles and various owl species. Where is the environmental outrage over this? To illustrate the hypocrisy, in 2009, Exxon pleaded guilty to killing 85 migratory birds in 5 states that contacted uncovered crude oil and were fined 600 thousand dollars.

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