Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (8/11/11)

Wisconsin – Four of 6 Republicans won their recall election to maintain control of the upper house. Two Democrats have their recall elections next week. The Democrats poured massive amounts of money into the election (mostly from unions) to defeat the Republicans. This is a win for justice and democracy.

U.S. Credit Rating – A Chinese rating firm has also dropped the rating of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Chevy Volt – The latest and greatest electric car from the U.S. automobile industry sold a whopping 125 units in July.

ABC – They did a report smearing all eight of the main GOP Presidential competitors for buying their campaign shirts overseas.

Politizoid – They produce animated political ads on the internet and the Left is calling them racist for using Obamas’ voice (they take clips from his speeches) in some productions.

Debt – With the new debt deal done, the U.S. debt level has officially reached and passed 100% of GDP on day 1 of the agreement. In fact, our debt grew on the first day of the agreement by a record 236 billion dollars.

NRA – They are suing the federal government over new ATF gun reporting regulations in border-states.

Obama Reelection – The Obama campaign web site has made it clear that Joe Biden will remain on the ticket. That is good news for the GOP.

Regulation – In July alone, the Obama administration proposed 229 new rules and 10 economically significant rules costing over 9.5 billion dollars.

Economy – In a campaign speech Obama blamed the struggling economy on the “Big, messy, tough democracy”. Say what? And what is worse U.S. markets have been plunging due to fears of a double dip recession.

DSCC – They are lobbying the DOJ to stop stricter voter ID laws - of course they are claiming the laws are racists.

Alabama – Mexico and 15 other countries are suing Alabama over their new immigration law.

Taxes – We know the Democrats want to tax millionaires more. In 2009, according to the IRS, there were 227 thousand millionaires. If the IRS confiscated all the earnings (100% tax) of these millionaires, it would not account for half of our 1.5 trillion dollar debt in 2011. So spending cuts and entitlement reform are not only needed, they are the only way to significantly reduce debt and unfunded liabilities.

John Kerry – He made the following statement: “The media should not give equal time to Tea Party views”. I guess they should only show his view of the world.

Food Stamps - A shocking new report from the USDA finds that nearly 15 percent of the U.S. population relied on food stamps in May. That's up 12 percent from a year ago, and 34 percent higher than two years ago.

China – They are demanding we get our fiscal house in order since they own 1.2 trillion dollars of U.S. debt.

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