Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama's Lowlights (8/15/11)

Fast and Furious – More disturbing information is coming forth that the DEA also allowed Mexican drug cartels to bring drugs across the border in exchange for information. Thus, Fast and Furious was not just about guns going to Mexico, but drugs coming to the United States.

Nancy Pelosi – The House has moved her “Green the Capitol” initiative into a larger energy bill that has been shelved.

Obama Movie – A movie about Obama’s decision to kill Osama bin Laden is schedule to be released a month before the 2012 election.

Italy and Spain – The European Central Bank has bought a large sum of both Italian and Spanish toxic debt. Both of these nations are in danger of defaulting on their debt.

Gold – As economic news continues to be bleak gold continues to soar to new record highs (over 1800 dollars per ounce).

Credit Downgrade – Obama on the credit downgrade “We need to work together and enact my policies”. Seriously? We enacted his debt spending policies for two years and look where that got us.

Department of Innovation – I did not know this department existed let alone it has a new logo. If you have not seen the logo it is hilarious, it looks like ancient technology - grinding flywheels – so is the message “gridlock”?

NRLB / Boeing – House Oversight committee head, Darrell Issa, has subpoenaed government documents on the NRLB / Boeing case (Remember, the NRLB blocked Boeing from building a plant in a right to work state – South Carolina).

Michelle Obama – One of her main focuses as first lady is to advocate for military families, but she was a no show to honor the 31 fallen soldiers in Afghanistan this past week. Instead, she visited her brother in Oregon.

Al Gore – While addressing climate change in Aspen Colorado, he gave a four letter laced rant dissing naysayers. I never understood the strategy of disrespecting a group of people and then expecting them to conform to the ideology.

FED – To stop the stock sell off the chairman of the FED, Ben Bernanke, said he would keep interest rates at all-time lows for the next 2 years.

Debt Committee – Democrats Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, Xavier Becerra of California, Patty Murray of Washington, Max Baucus of Montana, and John Kerry of Massachusetts will sit on the committee that was the result of the recent debt legislation. Republicans tabbed Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Rep. David Camp of Michigan, Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan (Paul Ryan asked not to be on the committee), Senator John Kyl, Senator Rob Portman, and Senator Pat Toomey.

Newsweek – They took the worst possible picture of Michelle Bachmann and placed it on the cover of their last issue. Even Jon Stewart criticized Newsweek’s bias over the picture.

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