Thursday, August 18, 2011

African-Americans and Liberalism

I have been writing for years that African-American’s support the wrong political party. African-Americans vote for Democratic candidates over 90% of the time during the past 50 years. What have Democrats accomplished for African-Americans over the past half century? First of all, as I have pointed out time and time again in my writings, it took Republicans to overcome Democrat filibuster attempts to pass the civil rights act. Secondly, as I have pointed out, we need to look no further than current day inner cities to see failed liberal policies – Newark New Jersey and Detroit Michigan are great examples of African-Americans segregated to the slums of inner cities loaded with crime, substance addiction, broken educational systems, and poverty. I have also pointed out that African-Americans have poor leadership – Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are given a podium to brainwash and indoctrinate African-Americans into believing that Republicans are racists who do not care about the plight of their race. I have also pointed out numerous African-Americans who would make good leaders to head their race, but I forgot to mention one – Reverend C.L. Bryant.

Bryant was a one time member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He first began to break from the NAACP because they did not like his prolife stance. And what’s more, over the years he made many of the same observations that I have pointed out in my writings. Bryant has made several other more harsh observations about the plight of the African-American race, over the past 50 years, that are worth pointing out.

Bryant believes that African-American life over the past 50 years has not been much different than the lives of slaves on plantations. He points out that masters on plantations owned the land and provided slaves with housing, clothing, and food. Today, the lives of many African-Americans are not much different since they are slaves to the government, Democrats who want their vote, and poor leaders that provide them low income housing, food stamps, and other welfare subsidies to buy clothing.

Bryant also pointed out the exploitation of African-Americans in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Bryant astutely observes that local and state Democratic leaders – Governor Kathleen Blanco, Senator Mary Landrieu, and Mayor Ray Nagin – had no problem getting buses out of lots to get communities out to the polls to elect them, but those buses remained idle as the deadly Hurricane approached. However, Blanco, Landrieu, Nagin, and media pundits were able to spin the disaster and blame President George Bush – who incidentally declared New Orleans a disaster area before the storm hit land.

Yes, Reverend C.L. Bryant has figured out that Democrats want to keep African-Americans oppressed and dependent on government welfare. He understands that this is how Democrats ensure that African-Americans will continue to vote for them year in and year out. Hopefully, C.L. will help change this perception by opening the eyes of African-Americans that are forced to exist within the confines of inner cities decimated with crime, disease, addictions, and poverty.

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