Friday, August 5, 2011

Change Tolerance (Part II)

Visionary change can be healthy if and only if there is adequate time and patience allotted to allow the change to be successful. However, more times then not, change is often forced without any thought. One example of change lacking vision and is dividing Americans is the United States’ vastly changing demographics. As the United States becomes more diverse, people are faced with changes these other cultures bring with them. This is important because different races and religions seem to cause about as much divide and tension in the United States as any other issue. For example, look at the heated debate over illegal immigration. The demographic change should be tolerable because it appears to be happening at a fairly slow rate. But, in actuality, it is rather fast. By the year 2050, the Hispanic population will have doubled to nearly twenty-five percent (not including illegal Hispanics), while Caucasians will consist of fewer than fifty-percent of the U.S. population. This is an extremely fast demographic change. U.S. policies should focus on slowing immigration change so it does not create interracial friction and tension. The slower a change happens, the more tolerable it becomes. At the same time, American citizens need to be more tolerable to change and be much more open-minded.

Population change is one example. This argument can be made about any major topic. Roe vs. Wade was an abrupt change of policy and still is a highly controversial Supreme Court decision on abortion. This is another reason why having the states decide on moral issues is appealing. Instead of the whole country subject to one set of rules and laws, each individual state can decide on the policy it wants to support. This is a good compromise to the issue, and it is not as an abrupt change for the country to ponder. Of course, any compromise will not stop the debate on the abortion issue, but the rate of change as seen by the American public is not as severe. Hopefully, that will enable the policy to be more tolerable and not create as much division in the country.

Once again visionary change is what is lacking in Obama policies. How is it visionary to create new entitlement programs when other programs such as Medicare are going bankrupt? How is it visionary to continue to spend money we do not have and borrow from potential enemies? How is it visionary to copy FDR social policies that failed to get the U.S. out of a recession? How is it visionary to own U.S. auto and financial industries when government sponsored industries such as the Post Office, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac are going bankrupt? How is visionary to copy Jimmy Carter’s failed foreign policy to talk with our enemies? How is it visionary to regulate the auto and other carbon emitter industries with new CAFÉ and Cap and Tax policies that have failed in the past? It is hard for the American public to practice Change Tolerance when the President is doing nothing more than copying failed policies from past history at a rapid rate. There is nothing unique or creative with this administration’s inability to see 2 weeks into the future. Obama and the Democrats lack the first essential to good leadership and that is sound strategic vision. The American public will not tolerate change that will negatively affect their daily lives and routine.

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