Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Obama 5 Years Later: The Sad Realities of Liberalism

Five years into the Obama White House and the true face of liberalism is showing its infectious effect on all Americans. The past year has to be one of the worst in presidential history based on the number of scandals, lies, and misinformation. The failing White House had this to show for its efforts this past year:

Targeting! The DOJ targeted conservative journalists over White House leaks which they said jeopardized national security. However, the DOJ failed to target NY Times journalists who leaked several stories such as the cyber war on Iran and the killing of Bin Laden. That did not stop the DOJ from violating the constitutional rights of CBS’s Sharyl Attkinson and Fox News’s James Rosen to name a few. No one has been fired or found responsible for these acts. The IRS targeted conservative groups and failed to provide them charitable status in a timely matter. Once again no one has been held responsible for these acts – Lois Lerner retired with her benefits package in tack. If all if this was not bad enough the EPA also targeted conservative groups by illegally providing their confidential information to liberal environmental groups who used the information for political gain. And to no surprise, no one has been held accountable.

Although the Benghazi terror attack happened in 2012, much was learned about what really transpired on that deadly day in 2013. What was learned? The State Department covered up the truth and lied about what really happened. In fact, we still do not know the whole truth and unfortunately, we may never really find out the entire truth. As Hillary Clinton proclaimed “What does it matter!”

ObamaCare rollout! The rollout of ObamaCare was atrocious. The website crashes and is archaic; the website security puts all those that use the site at risk for identity theft; the sign up rate has fallen far short of expectations to pay for the law and what’s more troubling is that most of the people signing up are already very sick while the young and healthy seem more inclined to pay the mandated fine instead of signing up.

ObamaCare! We are learning more about the law as it is implemented. First, millions are losing their current insurance plans, doctors, and hospitals – all promises that were broken by Obama. Secondly, insurance rates are going up dramatically for most Americans. Thirdly, Obama continues to delay other provisions of the law, such as the company mandate, that will further impact Americans in a negative fashion.

The government shutdown! Obama let the government shut down instead of delaying the rollout of ObamaCare which was seriously botched.

Syria! Obama tried to move unilaterally to attack Syria and then saved face by negotiating with a rogue leader. The result: the rogue leader can stay in power if he destroys his chemical weapons and instead kills innocent civilians using more conventional weaponry.

Iran! Obama has conceded that Iran will become a nuclear state with the ability to transport a nuclear bomb several thousands of miles.

Narcissism! Whether it is Obama taking a “selfie” of himself at Mandela’s funeral or imputing himself into the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy assignation and the Trayvon Martin case – One thing is clear, Obama makes everything about himself.

NSA Spying – In a Nixonian fashion Obama has expanded NSA spying started under Bush. Obama is using the information to win elections and even spy on our allies.

These are just a few of the happenings of the 2013 year. As more Americans start to feel the pain of ObamaCare and liberalism they may just come to their senses and vote more of these clowns out of office in 2014 and 2016.

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