Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Now is the Time for a Libertarian President

The Libertarian Party only makes up one to two percent of the electorate. However, a large number of Republicans and Independents consider themselves Libertarians. Libertarian is usually considered a dirty word, but that is because it mostly understood. The past 16 years of Republican (Bush) and Democrat (Obama) rule has been abysmal. Both administrations were failures in a big way, running up massive national deficits and creating a record number of new rules, mandates, laws, and regulations. Both administrations also increased the power of the executive branch (i.e. czars, NSA spying, unilateral actions, executive orders) at the expense of states and other branches of governments. Here are some reasons it is time for a Libertarian:

  • Compromise – Libertarians are usually fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
  • NSA Spying program will be eliminated.
  • A laissez-faire approach to foreign affairs - no wars, unless it is really a national security risk.
  • A balanced budget and a reduction in the federal debt.
  • A reduction in the size of the federal government.
  • A laissez faire approach to domestic policy – limited government interference in the economy.
  • A reduction in federal rules, regulations, laws, and mandates.
  • Increase in state powers including freedom to pursue their own immigration, election, drug decriminalization, and gay marriage laws.
  • Overall reduction in the power of the executive branch.
  • No more unilateral movements by the executive branch.
  • No more executive orders by the executive branch, especially the EPA.
  • No more bailouts – including Wall Street. There will be no such thing as “Too Big to Fail”.
  • No more Czars or people in charge of anything without congressional oversight.
  • Possibly bipartisan support for tax reform and maybe even immigration reform.
  • A decline in lobbying and corporate and organization influence in Washington.
  • No more quid pro quo politics and that vicious cycle of money.
  • The end of ObamaCare.
  • An increase in transparency, responsibility, and accountability for a presidential administration.


  1. Libertarianism has its appeal but just like conservatism every libertarian has a different definition of it. Juan Williams recently quipped that he was a libertarian and I wondered what he was smoking.

    My dealings with libertarians after debating a couple of them for a few years now is that they tend to see the world in a very immature way. They're attitude towards gay marriage, for instance, shows a disturbing lack of forethought. Too often they fail to consider that the habits and traditions that transcent both time and geography and are for all practical purposes universal become that way for a reason. Those reasons require deep reflection rather than the nonchalant dismissal that's become trendy today.

  2. Hi CW, I believe a true Libertarian would allow each individual state decide social issues such as gay marriage, abortion rights, capital punishment and live with the results. A true libertarian would respect state's constitutional rights while limiting the role of the federal government in these decisions.