Monday, January 13, 2014

Iraq: Obama’s Latest Military Failure

The Obama administration has been plagued with incompetence and failure when it comes to dealing with military issues. Let’s examine his pitiful record:

Obama missed an opportunity to provide support to an Iranian uprising and now we have conceded that the rogue nation will have nuclear capabilities.

Obama supported an Egyptian coup and the result is chaos and the potential for the Muslim Brotherhood (who the administration supports) and their ties to terrorism to take power.

Obama moved unilaterally to take military action to support the Libyan uprising and the result is more chaos as witnessed by the successful terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi.

Obama is leaving Afghanistan with the Taliban in control. In fact, Obama negotiated with the terrorist organization.

Obama negotiated with the genocidal leader of Syria and their ally Russia to stop using chemical weapons, and in return, the US would not intervene militarily. The end result is that the same regime is still in control and killing citizens using other means than chemical weapons.

And if all of this is not bad enough, Obama left Iraq prematurely. Biden called Iraq one of Obama’s greatest achievements and let’s not forget both Biden and Obama voted against the military surge that created the democratic state in Iraq. I always said Obama will be judged on Iraq after the withdrawal of military forces and the results are in: Al Qaida is in control of most parts in Western Iraq and gaining strength. Remember, Obama claimed Al Qaida was dead after the killing of Bin Laden. This is obviously not true. History has shown that the US has always taken a large military presence, for prolonged periods of time to ensure peace, in wartime nations after the conflict has ended: Vietnam, Korea, Germany, and Japan for instance. Obama failed to follow lessons learned from history and now Iraq is in chaos again.

Former Secretary of Defense Gates released a new book that points out the military mistakes and blunders of the Obama administration. One would have to believe Gates’s version since the entire Middle East is in chaos.

I do not condone military action, but this administration has chosen to support Libya, but not Iran with military action. In other words the Obama administration has been inconsistent with its military interventions and most times picking the wrong fight. Iran and their nuclear power aspirations would seem to be a better choice than Libya. I also believe once the US decides to intervene militarily they need to finish the job and make sure Democracy prevails and that is not what is happening in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan under the watch of the Obama administration. In fact, terrorism is what is winning under the watch of the Obama administration.

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