Friday, January 31, 2014

“Nothing in life that’s worth anything is easy.”

These are the words of Cory Remsburg, an Army first class sergeant, who is trying to recover from severe wounds he received while in combat in Afghanistan. President Obama preached these words during the State of the Union Address in which Cory was a guest. This was the highlight of a weak speech. A speech filled with liberal policies that are the antithesis of those great words spoken by a true American hero. While Cory struggles every day to do remedial tasks, Obama wants to hand out freebees to people who have done nothing to earn them. I am all for helping those who are working hard to help themselves. I know people who work three jobs to make ends meet, but I have also run across those people who feel entitled to other people’s hard earned money solely because they feel it is their right. These are the people who do not have a job, are not looking for a job, and are not doing anything to improve their marketability to obtain a good paying job – they are the definition of oxygen thieves. Sure determining oxygen thieves from hard working Americans is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. For instance, a person on welfare for several years in succession is more than likely an oxygen thieve – especially if this is happening during a time the economy is doing well.

As Obama talks about raising the minimum wage for All federal workers (not just to those that earned it) and handing out free ObamaCare to individuals who do not deserve this service is what makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me sick that Obama has the nerve to blend in a story of true heroism with stories to benefit true oxygen thieves, as if they belong together. Cory got injured fighting for the freedom that oxygen thieves take for granted.

Sure, I am willing to provide help to the single mom who is working three jobs to support her family. But, I am not willing to help the deadbeat who uses welfare to buy drugs. Does it actually make sense that both Cory and I qualify for disability? Under the Obama system it does, and this is wrong.

Life is hard! Why? Because, as individuals, we should be constantly challenging ourselves to become better individuals, citizens, and parents. We should never be content and take our freedoms for granted. We only get one chance at life and it is our responsibility to make the most of it. It is always easy to quit when faced with adversity, but that should never be an option. And we should certainly not reward people for quitting.

What the Cory Remsburg story should teach us is if All Americans had the same drive and perseverance to succeed, America would be a much better place free of deadbeats and oxygen thieves. And therefore free of government freebees such as food stamps, ObamaCare, and intrusions to raise the minimum wage – All things boasted by the President, Democrats, and liberals alike.


  1. Each of us should be free to maximize our potential or not. What we should not be free to do is to freeload upon others.

  2. Agreed CW, enjoying the global warming in Texas?

    1. It's definitely been a cold winter by Texas standards, Patrick!

      If it would delay the summer heat I'd be happy but more likely it just means we'll have high heat bills in addition to the high A/C bills.

      How are things with you?

    2. We are doing well. I finally found a doctor who really seems as if he wants to help me.

      I will be going in a wrestling tournament next month. I will probably get killed, but I have been hanging in there in during High School practices.

      It has been cold and snowy here.

  3. You cannot underestimate the importance of a good doctor, so I'm happy for you that you've found one.

    Well I sure hope you don't get killed! My son wrestled for a while and it was hard to watch because it is such a tough sport. I wanted to jump on the mat and help him, but I'm told they frown on that sort of thing. Good luck!