Friday, January 10, 2014

A Contrast in Leadership: Obama v. Christie

Chris Christie has faced his first political scandal – A top aide shut down a lane of the George Washington Bridge to create a traffic jam for political purposes. This is not just stupid; it could have put people’s safety at issue. If Christie is telling the truth (that he was completely unaware of the act) then his contrast in leadership versus Obama’s handling of scandals within his administration will only help Christie politically. Within 24 hours of the story breaking Christie acted quickly and swiftly firing the aide responsible and reversing his decision to back this person to be head of the New Jersey GOP. Christie also travelled to Fort Lee New Jersey to apologize to the Democratic Mayor (who initially turned down Christie’s apology) and the people of the city in person.

On the other hand, we have the Obama administration which has been plagued by scandals, all of which the President claimed he knew nothing about. I will take the President at his word until proven otherwise, but Obama has failed to hold anyone accountable for any scandal – many of which are far more egregious than the Christie scandal. To date no one has been fired nor has there been any official apology from the President for the Fast Furious, DOJ targeting of conservative reporters, EPA targeting of conservative groups, or the Benghazi cover up. Obama did issue an apology and Lois Lerner was forced to retire (on a full pension) for the IRS targeting of conservative groups. What’s worse, Obama claimed he would hold those accountable for the Benghazi attack and the IRS scandal – to date no one has been charged with any crime or fired from their position.

Obama is a man of many words, but he refuses to act on them whereas Christie is a man of few words but great action. This is a huge contrast in leadership ability. Even if Obama finally comes around and fires a few people the fact it has taken him months and even years to act is very telling. Heck, Obama still has not held anyone accountable for the miserable rollout of ObamaCare. Firing incompetent oxygen thieves is part of the real world and the inability to do so only shows how weak Obama is as a leader. I guarantee you if Christie rolled out a program and it flopped like ObamaCare, heads would have rolled.

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