Friday, January 24, 2014

Liberal Punishment

I have never understood liberal philosophies and the need to punish successful businesses and people. This not only sends the wrong message by punishing responsible taxpayers and rewarding irresponsible non-taxpayers, but the people who get punished by liberal policies are rarely the wealthy. Besides, liberal policies punish companies and people who are only using the resource infrastructure put in place over the past two centuries. In other words, they had little choice but to run their business using what is cheapest and practical.

Who would be punished if the Obama decides to act unilaterally and tax carbon emitting companies? These taxes will be passed onto the consumer and force all Americans to pay higher energy costs to heat / cool their homes and to drive their cars. This is a tax on not only middle class Americans but poverty stricken Americans. If companies decide to move to greener energy sources to avoid the carbon tax, this too would lead to higher product costs (renewable energies are much more expensive than fossil fuel energy sources). If these taxes are not passed onto the consumer, then employee pay will be cut or they may be laid off. Corporate leaders will not be punished and what’s worse, tax revenues will go down if employee wages and corporate profits are decreased.

Besides, companies will continue to find tax loopholes to avoid paying higher taxes. Liberal punishment tactics and policies force companies to find tax havens overseas. Liberal attempts to unionize companies and increase wages only results in companies relocating to right to work states. In other words, no one wins when liberals try to punish success.

So why punish companies for emitting too much carbon? The people alive today had nothing to do with creating America’s energy fossil fuel infrastructure. Cavemen used fossil fuels. Many inventors paved the way to modern day electric generation. Some of these people, the date of their work, and their country are: Thales (600 b.c. Greece), Benjamin Franklin (1752 USA), Andre Ampere (1820 France), Michael Faraday (1831 England), Zenobe Gramme (1870 Belgium), Thomas Edison (1880 USA), George Westinghouse (1887 USA), and Nikola Telsa (1890 USA). These are all great men and history has a favorable view of all of them. But they are the culprits who put in place our energy infrastructure that liberals want to punish. Corporations are not the ones to blame for the choices made by the federal government to build our energy infrastructure. So why should they be punished for past decisions made by others?

Finally, and most importantly, many liberals are hypocrites. Progressives want to place regulations and taxes on corporations but they would not place these same restrictions on their personal energy consumption. No one should ever want to place a tax, mandate, rule, or regulation on others they are not willing to accept if it were levied against them.


  1. I think there are those liberals who sincerely do not understand how their policies to punish the wealthy always trickle down to the poor and middle class. But they aren't all stupid and there are also those who fully understand it but don't care. They simply want the credit for "making a difference." In the end whether it's from ignorance or evil doesn't matter. We still end up in the same bad place.

  2. Ah yes CW, I think you hit the nail on the head with the phase "Making a difference". Unfortunately, many people may actually believe they are making a difference by pushing bad policy - I guess we can chalk this one up to brain washing.