Monday, January 6, 2014

Liberal Integration, Multiculturalism, and Diversity Hypocrisy

Liberals say they are the Party for the minority, but the data will suggest the opposite. More minorities live in poverty today than when the war on poverty began 50 years ago despite pouring trillions into the cause. But what’s worse is that many liberal policies about race are hypocritical. Education is great example. Liberal unions advocate for teachers and not students. While unions will protect bad minority teachers in poor minority schools, liberal’s anti-voucher policies prevent good minority students from leaving poor school districts to attend better schools in predominately White areas.

There are many examples of this type of hypocrisy where liberals pretend to support minority issues. I thought I had seen it all until I saw a clip of a MSNBC program mocking a Christmas picture of the Romney family. In particular, Mitt Romney’s black grandson - who was adopted, is in the picture seated in Romney’s lap. The program hosts and guests took pot shots at the photo. One sang the song “one of these things does not belong with the others” and another guest called the child the one “token” minority in the Republican Party.

First, it makes little sense to ridicule a good deed. The Romney’s rescued this child from a terrible life – how is this a bad thing that should be criticized. This is simply making a story out of nothing. Secondly, would MSNBC made a big deal out of the photo had the adopted child been “White”? Probably not; and this therefore proves that MSNBC likes to introduce race into story lines when it is not necessary. This makes MSNBC the racists, not the people who they claim are racists because they disagree with Presidential policy. Thirdly, if liberals truly believe in integration, multiculturalism, and diversity then they should support the Romney family and not try to turn them into villains. After all, isn’t this exactly what liberals claim to believe and support! The problem MSNBC and liberals have with stories like this one is that they truly believe in segregation when it comes to political parties. Liberals believe ALL minorities should be Democrats and have nothing to do with Republicans. Hence, they feel threatened by these “feel good” stories and therefore they must spin them in a different direction.

The story shows just how cruel and unethical MSNBC behaves. They will try to spin any good deed by a Republican into a bad one even if it reveals their hypocrisy over racial topics such as integration, multiculturalism, and diversity.

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  1. Good post, Patrick.

    Serial hypocrisy is a symptom of an even greater problem. It's what naturally happens when people are phonies.