Friday, November 23, 2012

The Art of Being Unaccountable

I have witnessed carbon emitting oxygen thieves throughout my corporate days. These are the unaccountable people who are able to survive year in and year out. Not only are unaccountable people becoming more common in the workplace, these people are being put into managerial roles. The same is happening in politics. And no one is more unaccountable for his actions than our President. He has gotten it down to an art form and below is his manifesto to being unaccountable:

  • Do not answer tough questions. In other words, avoid press conferences and interviews with media outlets.
  • Never do anything that is not scripted. All the president’s words must be read off a teleprompter.
  • Go on talk shows and yuck it up with people who support your point of view. This will enhance your personal image.
  • Leak beneficial information such as the details on the killing of Osama Bin Laden and cyber warfare technology that is being used against Iran.
  • Cover up information and hide behind executive privilege on things that are not beneficial such as Libya and Fast and Furious.
  • When something is unpopular such as Obamacare and the Recovery Act, do not talk about it.
  • Make up statistics, such as “jobs saved”, to make your policies, such as the Recovery Act, look as if they are working.
  • Make sure to get media outlets and reporters complicit with your ideas and agenda.
  • When you are becoming unpopular reach out to people who are suffering and uneducated with free handouts and entitlements.
  • Avoid being seen around negative images such as Hurricane Sandy or the BP oil spill.
  • Blame others for things that are going wrong, such as Bush for the stagnant economy.
  • Take credit for things that are going well such as the auto bailout, TARP, and Iraq – all policies started under Bush.
  • Avoid passing a budget.
  • Use political correctness to make actions sound more appealing such as calling terrorism a manmade disaster.
  • Attack your adversaries personally and make them look evil (Hillary, Mitt, Republican Congress).
  • Appoint a knucklehead as your VP so you always look good.
  • Deny any prior knowledge to any potential cover up or fraudulent stories such as Fast Furious, Libya, and Petreaus sex scandal.
  • Surround yourself with more people to be accountable for your mistakes such as the appointment of Czars who receive no congressional oversight.
  • Lie or stretch the truth if it is beneficial.
  • Deflect unfavorable stories. For instance, turn Hurricane Sandy into a climate change story.
  • Never let a good crisis go to waste. For instance, turn the BP oil spill into a story about renewable energies.
  • Create diversions such as the Petreaus sex scandal or the anti-Muslim film to cover up the truth behind unfavorable events such as the Libya attack.
  • Avoid transparency and the freedom of information act.


  1. Excellent, Patrick!

    Better be careful. Democrats might get after you for revealing the secrets from their playbook.

  2. Glad you liked the post, however I am sure I missing many more provisions Democrats live by.