Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Vote for Failure

Obama’s win tells us that we are happy with a failing nation. And the only way for that trend to stop is for people to continue to suffer and the nation to continue to fail. Maybe it will take fiscal collapse and austerity measures for people to finally wake up. Maybe it will take continued chronic unemployment. Maybe it will take continued Middle East unrest and terrorism threats. Maybe it will take lower wages and increased poverty. Maybe it will take spiraling out of control healthcare costs and insurance premiums. Maybe it will take another recession. Maybe it will take more division and polarity. Or maybe it will take spiraling out of control food and energy costs. I am not too sure what it will take, but if people are happy enough to elect this president with the record he has, it is not a good sign for Republicans. This nation will continue to decline and there will be more suffering – but if the people are okay with this – then I am okay with this. We are getting what we deserve.

As far as my election predictions were concerned – I was right in the fact that the state and national polls did not make sense. If the state polls were right then Obama wins, but if the national polls were right then Romney had a chance. The state polls were right and Obama won. The final national polls put Obama up by about 0.5%. I did not see any way that Obama would win by 0.5%, but at the same time win most of the battleground states (even if they were much closer than in 2008). Currently, Obama is up by over by 2% nationally and I think that number will be closer to 3% (which is what my state model said when it was extrapolated to the national level) when the votes are finally counted. If the election was decided with Obama at 0.5%, Romney would in all likelihood have won Florida and probably Ohio and Virginia. I am not saying Romney would have won the Electoral College, because it would be stretch to say Romney would have won any of the other battleground states, which were all decided by more than 3 points.

If Republicans ever expect to win another presidential race, they will need to find a way to win minority votes. It will probably take a cataclysmic event for this to happen because it seems minorities are happy with high unemployment, entitlements, lower wages, and higher poverty. If people are happy living this way (as they are – there vote for Obama confirms it), then who I am to complain about it. But don’t go looking to me for more charitable contributions. I can no longer afford them after my healthcare went up 23% this year. I am going to take care of myself and not worry about what happens to others. I do not wish hardship on others, but why should I care if they vote on the side of continued hardship. Good luck to all, it is each man for themselves to survive until people decide to come to their senses. Talk about polarity and divisiveness! This is the new America we voted for, now we have to live it.


  1. Great observations, Patrick! From my POV, we are entering a very pathetic part of the history of the fall of this country. We will at some point spiral down to 3rd world country status. Think what the NE is experincing is bad? Wait until the entire country is plunged into darkness and we have to fight for food, etc.

    Thought you might get kind of a kick out of this posting ...

  2. I hope you are wrong Mrs. AL, but I am certainly not overly optimistic about our future.

    The GOP has a lot of soul searching to do.

    Thanks for the link.