Friday, November 9, 2012

GOP has No Options

People are wondering, what can the GOP do to win a Presidential Election in the future? The answer is nothing. The GOP can do nothing to stem liberal politics from continuing to grow – at least in the short term.

Some say the GOP can move left on immigration reform and grant amnesty to win Hispanic voters. There is no way the Democrats will let the GOP move further left than their positions. If the GOP agrees to grant amnesty, the Democrats will push further left and want to grant Hispanics other handouts. In fact, the Republicans will not be allowed to move left of the Democrats on any issue to win votes – they will just move further left.

Some say a GOP ticket with Rubio (FL Senator) and or Martinez (New Mexico Governor) will sway Hispanic voters. Maybe some, but it will amount to nowhere near a majority.

Face it; there is nothing the GOP can do. Think about it. The Democrats won the vote of uneducated voters (and this is a rapidly growing population – maybe they feel attached to Obama who claims he can only perform 7th grade math), unemployed voters, underemployed voters, voters in poverty, voters on welfare, and voters whose income has eroded over the past 4 years. If these people are unwilling to vote out an incumbent that has failed them than no GOP candidate would have won this election (including Ronald Reagan). This election should have been a referendum on Obama, not that Romney is wealthy. In fact, success and capitalism was painted as evil while protecting entitlements was viewed most important to the electorate.

The media can make any Democrat look good and any Republican look bad. Case in point, the tale of two hurricanes – Sandy and Katrina. I have not heard one positive thing about the government response to Sandy (My home town was destroyed), but Obama got good grades from the media even as he campaigned through everyone’s suffering. Meanwhile, the media response should not have been good towards Katrina, but they took it a step further and turned into a story about how Bush and conservatives hate African Americans. How can anyone compete against this coverage? The media made the outing of a CIA agent – Valerie Plame - a front page story for years under the Bush presidency. Meanwhile, Fast and Furious and the terror attack that killed four Americans in Libya where buried. This type of media coverage is tough to overcome.

The GOP can search all they want, but there is nothing they can do. However, there will come a day when the dollar and economy are collapsing under massive federal debt – the United States will be in dire straits. Liberals will be forced to move right and take on austerity measures. This may be the day when voters start to move right again. After all, when entitlements are cut, people need good paying jobs. And I hope this day comes soon. I hope Medicare and Social Security become insolvent because this may be the only way to finally get these flawed system Ponzi schemes corrected. I hope everyone’s healthcare insurance rates continue to go up and Medicaid becomes insolvent because this may be the only way to get rid of Obamacare. I hope energy prices continue to go up because this is the only way to ensure a universal energy policy and energy independence. I hope taxes are raised on the wealthy because this is the only way to prove to Democrats the ill effects this will have on the economy.

I have spent my life trying to help others in need. I am now only focused on myself (part of the reason I can no longer afford to be charitable). I am going to be selfish and disregard people who are suffering. After all, they voted on the side of continued hardship. If people choose to continue to suffer while increasing the burden on others to ease their suffering – well my compassion is gone. Something bad is going to happen to the United States (we cannot sustain the fiscal path we are on) and the sooner it happens, in my opinion, the better. Our entitlement spending and debt are ticking time bombs and they will explode – and I hope soon. Not to say I told you so, but so these systems can finally be fixed. And no I am not bitter, just realistic. Remember, when this cataclysmic financial disaster hits, no one will be immune – including myself.


  1. >>“The GOP can do nothing to stem liberal politics from continuing to grow – at least in the short term.”

    I think you’re correct, Patrick. The bottom line is that the cheaters have won, and there’s no one to hold them accountable because the cheaters are running the show.

    It feels to me like we are a nation under occupation by enemy forces.

    1. CW, Your are right, but wish i could find more stories about the voting irregularities in this past election. The only place I see them is on right wing sites - not even FOX is saying anything about it.

      Romney won my county even though we canvassed it and thought at a minimum he would win it 55-45. The Republican local officials won by 58-42 margins. We were perplexed by this.

      I was also part of project ORCA for Romney and the system did not work very well for us. We got some data in but not enough.

      I tried taking the voter cards given to poll watchers (of people who voted that were not on my registration list) out of the site to report them back to Romney lawyers - they denied me. Our polls were run by Democrats and they would not let me know all the provisional voters (1 in 6 people on election day in my precinct voted provisionally - that is a big number). I am a numbers a guy and they did not seem to add up in my county - but it is only a little more than 10,000 votes.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    I don’t doubt there was lots of voter fraud going on and I wouldn’t even be shocked to learn that it cost Romney the election, but the cheating I referred to wasn’t limited to voter fraud.

    The democrat election machine depends upon all kinds of cheating. They use our tax dollars in the form of welfare to buy votes – that’s cheating. They demonize the other side rather than debate the issues – that’s cheating. The leftwing media slants the news in favor of democrats – that’s cheating.

    They have essentially institutionalized cheating (only in their own favor, of course), making it nearly impossible to compete.

  3. CW, I finally heard Michael Barone say there were some irregularities - he did not say fraud. If points to it, then there may be some truth.