Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 Election Irregularities, Ironies, Oddities, and Anomalies (Part II)

  • This race was over 4 points closer than the Presidential election in 2008 (Obama won by 7.3% in 2008), but in the battleground states the closeness was less than 3%. Yes, Obama conveniently ran better where it counted most or we can say Romney did worse where it counted most.
  • Romney’s investment company Bain Capital was painted as evil even though it was successful in creating thousands of jobs, meanwhile Obama’s 100 billion dollar investment in Green companies was hailed as successful even though it squandered billions of taxpayer dollars and produced a net loss of jobs.
  • Ohio gave Obama credit for the auto bailout even though the industry was still forced into bankruptcy. On the other hand, Romney’s plan would have put the auto industry through bankruptcy first before guaranteeing any government funding. Either plan would have put the industry at the same point it is at today except Romney’s plan would have saved billions in taxpayer money.
  • Favorable Hurricane Sandy media coverage helped Obama even though people affected by the storm are not happy with the government response at any level. Remember the contrast in media coverage of Hurricane Katrina which was turned into an unfavorable racial storyline against the Bush administration.
  • People still mostly blame Bush for the economy, but gave Obama credit for his handling of Iraq, the financial collapse (TARP), and the auto bailout. But these are all policies started under the Bush Presidency and the Iraq war was already winding down victoriously under Bush.
  • Election historian and expert, Michael Barone, says he was “lukewarm” about the election results citing irregularities in Florida and Pennsylvania.
  • Obamacare is still highly unpopular, yet voters elected Obama which means the legislation will be enacted.
  • Uneducated, unemployed, underemployed, and poverty voters predominately voted in favor of Obama.
  • Liberals were outraged with Bush’s war policy, but seemed unfazed by Obama’s escalation of drone attacks, moving unilaterally to war against Libya, or escalating the war in Afghanistan.
  • Liberals were outraged over Bush’s debt spending, but seemed unfazed by Obama’s spending which has already surpassed Bush’s eight years of spending.
  • Liberals were outraged over the Bush administration’s lack of transparency and hiding behind executive privilege, but were oblivious to the Obama administration’s similar actions over Fast and Furious and the Libya attack.
  • Liberals were outraged over the Bush administration’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques, but seemed satisfied that the Obama administration policy bypassed the civil liberties of terrorists by executing them on the battlefield (Bin Laden, Awlaki to name a few).
  • There have been many post-election articles citing Romney’s Get Out To Vote (GOTV) effort was a colossal failure. Project ORCA was Romney’s technical plan on Election Day. I was part of project ORCA and can say that I knew my assignment, had my credentials, and although the system crashed and gave us fits, we were still able to report 70% of the data from our precinct. I cannot speak for others and do not know if the data was received by headquarters, but I would not say it was a complete failure from my end.

There are so many things about this election that makes little sense to me. It was a real head scratcher. Obama won my county in Colorado by 16 votes despite over 10% more Republicans. Local Republican candidates won by margins as much as 58% to 42%. Canvassing of yard signs saw a 8 to 1 advantage for Romney and 12 to 1 advantage over McCain 4 years early. Despite this McCain won our county by 5 votes in 2008. Go Figure.

I do not have any evidence of election fraud, but the results of this election make little sense in so many ways.

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