Monday, March 5, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (3/5/12)

Taxes - 151.7million U.S. citizens (49.5%) paid no federal income tax in 2009, according to figures compiled by the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank. In 1984, the middle of the Reagan era, 85 per cent of Americans paid federal income tax, meaning just 34.8million people did not.

Bill Maher – He donated 1 million dollars to the Obama Super PAC to help him get reelected.

Afghanistan - President Obama apologized for the burning of Korans at the largest American base in Afghanistan this past week as furious protests raged for over a week and a man wearing Afghan Army uniform turned his weapon on coalition soldiers, killing two of them.

Iraq – Nearly 100 people were killed and hundreds more injured in a string of attacks across the country this past week.

Green Company Stimulus - Several of the nearly two dozen employees at bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra LLC who were approved for bonuses this past week had months earlier received pay raises as high as 70 percent, a fact the company never disclosed in its request for bonus cash. A123 Systems, an electric car battery company once touted as a stimulus success story by former Gov. Jennifer Granhom, D-Mich., has laid off 125 employees since receiving $390 million in government subsidies -- but is still handing out big pay raises to company executives.

Quotes – Obama on rising gas prices “Just like last year, gas prices are climbing across the country — this time, it’s happening even earlier. And when gas prices go up, it hurts everybody.” Time Magazine on the Navy seals: “In nature, most seals are black, with relatively few white ones. The Navy's SEALs have exactly the opposite problem -- they're overwhelmingly white, with hardly any blacks.”

John Edwards - The purported sex tape of former presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress will be destroyed within 30 days after a lawsuit over who owned the tape was settled this past week.

Nanny State - D.C. resident Patricia White has received 8 fines, totaling $2000 for not properly recycling old newspapers which she recycled to use as cat litter.

Abortion - Gov. Bob McDonnell and GOP state lawmakers last week abandoned a bill requiring women to undergo a sonogram before an abortion. However, this requirement is no different than what Planned Parenthood expects of women wanting an abortion.

IRS - The IRS is experiencing delays in issuing tax refunds. In late January, a computer glitch caused the agency to delay refunds by upwards of a week. While the agency said the problem has been fixed, the backlog of refunds continues to cause delays. 

Debt - A new chart released by Sen. Jeff Session's (R-AL) office shows America's per capita government debt is worse than Greece’s. 

Birth Control - Seven states have asked a federal judge to block the Obama administration’s birth control mandate. According to MSNBC, Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas allege the mandate will “effectively force religious employers and organizations to drop health insurance coverage, which will raise enrollment in state Medicaid programs and increase patient numbers at state-subsidized hospitals and medical centers.” In other news, a federal judge this week struck down as unconstitutional a Washington state law requiring pharmacists to stock the morning-after pill even if they have religious objections.

Renewable Energy – Obama’s promise to have 50% of the Federal Government’s fleet of cars converted to renewable energy by 2015 is not going to happen. In fact, the fleet of renewable energy cars decreased 59% last year – because they are not practical.

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