Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (3/1/12)

Boeing – In a visit to the Boeing plant in Washington, Obama praised the production of the Boeing plant in South Carolina – the same plant that was sued by the National Labor Relations Board.

Candy Bars - Michelle Obama has influenced Mars Candy to sign her "healthier America" agreement. This means Mars will no longer offer king sized candy bars.

Keystone Pipeline - House lawmakers this past week approved a plan to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and expand drilling offshore in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The final vote was 237-187.

Contraception Mandate – According to ABC News Jake Tapper, President Obama took the advice of Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, over White House advisors Biden, Daley, Sebelius, Plouffe, and others to move forward with the mandate in the healthcare bill.

Vacation – Michelle Obama and her two daughters went on another vacation, spending President’s Day Weekend skiing in Aspen.

Oil – Oil prices have escalated to over 105 dollars a barrel (highest level in a year), mostly due to concerns over Iran cutting its supply.

Payroll Tax Deal – One positive aspect of the new tax deal is it reduces unemployment benefits from 99 to 73 weeks (still too long, but a step in the right direction).

60 Minutes – They ran a story on skilled Americans who remain unemployed. This was the most negative story run by the show on the Obama regime.

Greece - Greece received its second financial bailout of $130 billion Euros, staving off imminent default. 

Unemployment - According to a new Gallup survey, unemployment rose to nine percent in February. Gallup predicts the Bureau of Labor Statistics will report the rise in early March. 

Iran - Amid nuclear speculations, Iran is threatening pre-emptive actions against enemies that they claim endanger their national interests. Iran also refused to show UN nuclear inspectors their newest nuclear sites.

Occupy Movement - High school students in Maryland can get a taste of the Occupy movement with a new summer school course aimed at getting students interested in the "movement for justice."

Mustaches and beards - Mustachioed Americans are seeking a tax break for grooming products. Members of the (tongue-in-cheek) American Mustache Institute are seeking a $250 tax credit to help defray the costs of grooming facial hair. 

Quotes – I am paraphrasing Obama’s message to Congress after the payroll tax cut was extended: Now is the time for all Americans to set aside their differences and do what I want. I am also paraphrasing Valarie Jarrett’s message: that unemployment is good for the economy.

Unions – According to reports, union bosses could spend as much as 400 million dollars this election cycle to help Democrats around the country.

Obama Tax Policy – According to the AP: “President Barack Obama is proposing to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent and wants an even lower effective rate for manufacturers, a senior administration official says, as the White House lays down an election-year marker in the debate over tax policy.” It is amazing how Democrats come to their senses when it’s election season.

Washington State – The legislature is considering an abortion mandate as part of health insurance coverage.

Marriage - Among young women below age 30, new government figures show a clear majority of births—53 percent—now occurring outside of marriage.

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